Mobile Operator in Africa Taps Ceragon to Accelerate Rural 4G Connectivity


Ceragon’s IP-20 Platform and professional services to provide ultra-high backhaul capacity for high-speed broadband to regions of extreme climates

Ceragon Networks Ltd., the #1 wireless backhaul specialist, has announced that a tier 1 mobile operator in Africa is deploying its FibeAir IP-20 Platform and related services to modernize both its access and backbone networks in multiple countries for 4G services.

With this modernization effort the operator is looking to accelerate 4G connectivity to rural areas and enable economic growth in remote cities, rural towns and villages. These areas are characterized by extreme climates and therefore require wireless backhaul solutions that can reliably provide 4G backhaul capacity over long distances in harsh terrain and weather conditions.

This existing customer is replacing competitors’ products deployed in its network with Ceragon’s IP-20 Platform to achieve ultra-high capacity and support the expected significant upsurge in capacity demand as it migrates to an advanced 4G network. So far this year, this customer has placed orders totaling over $7.8 million for Ceragon products and related services for this project.

The tier 1 operator seeks to provide more services by increasing its coverage to improve quality of life and fuel economic growth in the region. As such, it needs to quickly modernize its access and backbone networks from 2G and 3G to 4G.

The operator is challenged to do so in countries characterized by extreme climates, from the hottest and driest deserts having dust and sand storms, to tropical lands with heavy rains and flooding, making 4G wireless backhaul extremely challenging to provide over distances of 60km.

The operator requires a solution that delivers multiple Gbps backhaul capacity over various parts of the network, enables fast modernization to ensure service continuity, and is operationally efficient. With its proven experience in providing ultra-high capacity in harsh climates, Ceragon delivers always-on 4G backhaul for any distance.

The Ceragon IP-20 Platform is a highly scalable, fast-to-deploy, turnkey wireless backhaul solution that offers the operator the ability to supply multiple Gbps using minimal spectrum resources while reusing existing antennas – all to ensure fast network modernization. Moreover, it allows the operator to reduce backhaul-related energy consumption by up to 20%, as well as free-up significant site real-estate for future network growth.

“As consumer demand for high speed mobile broadband in Africa grows, Ceragon is working closely with its African customers to help them plan, deploy and optimize their network modernization projects,” said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon. “We are gaining market share as operators find our solutions and services essential to effectively upgrade their networks in the most challenging terrains and climates. We are committed to helping our African customers drive economic growth and improve quality of life by consistently delivering high backhaul capacity, affordably and fast.”