METCO and NEC deploy microwave backhaul network for Zain Kuwait


Middle East Telecommunications Company (METCO), a system integrator of telecommunication and information technology solutions in the Middle East and Africa, and NEC Corporation, a provider of IT and network solutions, have announced a new contract with Zain Kuwait that will enable the operator to increase its LTE, 3G and 2G network capacity, enabling it to continue to deliver high speed connectivity to consumers.

METCO’s in-depth mobile network expertise, combined with NEC’s iPASOLINK series of advanced microwave radio solutions and network management system, will upgrade Zain Kuwait’s backhaul transmission network to meet growing mobile broadband demand. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

METCO, appreciative and proud of their strategic relationship with Zain that began more than 25 years ago, also indicated that the new Zain Kuwait microwave network will be one of the most extensive in the world. Zain is currently the leader in the mobile broadband field in relations to the amount of active mobile customers who have already migrated to the LTE network, which is available nationwide.

Chief Executive Officer of Zain Kuwait, Omar Al-Omar said: “We have established a fruitful relationship with METCO over the last 25 years, where they were our partners in the journey to success during that period.”

Al-Omar added: “The most significant accomplishment was METCO’s involvement in the backhaul upgrade for the launch of our nationwide LTE service two years ago that has been providing our customers with a reliable and ultra-fast mobile Internet speed in Kuwait.”

AL-Omar elaborated that he values METCO’s efforts and the advanced technologies that they are providing with NEC to support the very high growth in demand that is expected for Zain Kuwait ‘s LTE network in 2014. The joint technologies of METCO and NEC will support Zain achieve the best technological solutions and help offer its customers an exciting network experience.

METCO’s Chief Executive Officer Bassem A. Jalil stated: “We are determined to attain premium technology solutions that measure up to the best international standards. By joining forces with NEC we were able to provide the most advanced backhaul solution for Zain’s 2G/3G and LTE network.”

Abdel-Jalil added: “It was through our partnership with NEC that we were able to meet Zain’s challenging requirements. Furthermore, the advanced technology that we are going to deliver will help Zain tackle the exponentially growing demand for data traffic. In other words, Zain wants to offer the best and most reliable network to their customers. This is what NEC and METCO will deliver.”

Noboru Takahashi, President of NEC Saudi Arabia said, “As more people switch to LTE phones, it is vital that operators have the backhaul capacity to take the strain and deliver the high speed, high capacity mobile broadband experience consumers want. Far from just making calls, consumers now want to use their phones to do everything from streaming high definition videos to browsing the web. NEC is pleased to work with METCO to help Zain Kuwait to meet these demands.”