Megaport Launches its NaaS Platform in France

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Megaport’s NaaS platform offers French companies fast, scalable, and secure connections to a wide range of cloud providers and cloud edge solutions across the globe

Megaport, a global Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, has deployed its NaaS solution in France. The solution will enable faster, more flexible, and secure global interconnectivity services. Adding to its presence in 13 other European countries, Megaport will provide French businesses with the ability to accelerate and simplify connections to major public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, SAP, and Oracle.

Companies looking for agility and security to process and share data across multiple cloud platforms need fast, secure, and scalable connectivity solutions. Megaport, accessible from more than 600 data centres globally and connected to over 170 cloud onramps, provides exactly this. Customers can establish on-demand connectivity to public cloud services without having to manage complex network infrastructure.

Benefits include:

● Choice: Megaport provides direct private access to an industry-leading 170 cloud
onramps and more than 600 data centres, including cloud onramps in Paris.
● Security and Performance : Direct connections bypass the public internet for privacy
and reliability.
● Robust Marketplace: Solutions include a global ecosystem of over 350 service providers, including most leading hyperscalers.
● Ease-of-use: Straight-forward e nabling of hybrid cloud, multicloud, and cloud-to-cloud architectures via point-and-click provisioning with the intelligent Megaport Cloud Router.
● Performance: Localise applications and terminate traffic closer to the edge where performance matters.
● Scalability : Elastic connectivity supports business needs and aligns to cloud consumption models.

Vincent English, CEO of Megaport, said: “As businesses in France are undergoing digital transformation and unlocking the power of data, many are adopting hybrid and multicloud architectures. The Megaport Network as a Service platform is perfectly positioned to
support agile deployments and rapid scaling of connectivity to multiple service providers and data centres on demand. By integrating with local cloud onramps, Megaport will enable
French businesses to overcome data sovereignty concerns whilst also enabling a global footprint through our Software Defined Network.”

Megaport services are initially available from Equinix Paris 2, Interxion Paris 5, and Colt Paris 2. Additional data centres planned to be integrated throughout 2020 include Telehouse 2 and 3 as well as Interxion Marseille 2. The launch will increase the company’s presence in Europe to 24 cities, representing 14 countries.

Ross Ortega, Partner PM, Azure Networking at Microsoft Corp.: “ Megaport brings value to Microsoft Azure and the entire partner ecosystem. Its presence in France will accelerate and
simplify the cloud journey for French businesses and thus increase and facilitate cloud consumption.”

Sami Slim, Deputy Sales Director, Telehouse France: “Megaport’s presence in France will provide our customers with a broader choice of how they can connect to the cloud and out to the world. We welcome their presence in France and look forward to helping our
customers connect to the cloud in a fast and easy way.”