Megaport Appoints Tim Hoffman as Chief Technology Officer

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Megaport Limited, a global provider of Elastic Interconnection services, has appointed Tim Hoffman as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, effective 1 October 2017.

Following nearly a decade of building telecommunications networks in New Zealand, Hoffman has spent the last three and a half years leading teams to scale large Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) and backbones around the world.

Hoffman will be responsible for managing product, procurement, network operations, network architecture, and software development, and will report directly to Megaport’s Chief Executive Officer, Vincent English.

From late 2014, Hoffman led the Global Network team at Twitter, responsible for worldwide infrastructure, including all interconnection, backbone and content distribution infrastructure, and global Data Centres. He has negotiated peering agreements with some of the largest internet backbone providers in the world, while leading the commercial effort to significantly reduce the operational costs of infrastructure.

“Tim was integral in leading the development of some of the most critical networks in New Zealand’s telecommunications infrastructure over the previous decade,” said Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer, Megaport. “His tenure with Twitter enabled him to design a network that could deliver exponential growth. In the last year, Megaport has experienced record revenue growth of 298%, strong product and service uptake, and has expanded its global footprint. Tim’s experience within the industry aligns with Megaport’s trajectory, and will be invaluable to future growth initiatives.”

“Megaport has transformed the way the industry approaches connectivity, leading the way with a next-generation Software Defined Network based network which challenges traditional networks, as we continue to provide better and more flexible customer focused solutions” said Tim Hoffman. “I am excited to lead this exceptional team through our next phase of growth as we continue to challenge the norm to revolutionize the global connectivity landscape.”