MediaTek MT6739 Powers Kent CamEye Car Camera in India

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MediaTek, an enabler in developing innovative SoCs for mobile devices, home entertainment, connectivity and IoT products, has unveiled its chipset MT6739 powers Kent CamEye, a next-gen car camera.

The MT6739 chipset delivers key imaging features like picture noise reduction, speedy autofocus and focus accuracy technologies. Coupled with better low-light auto focus capability, the MediaTek chip is a perfect fit for the Kent CamEye, the first car camera that is equipped with a dual camera to record moments inside and outside the car.

MT6739 multimedia core supports 13MP camera shooting at up to 30fps, with dual camera setup options available. Videos can be encoded up to 1080p30 in H.264, with video decoding at 1080p30 also additionally supporting the modern H.265 HEVC codec. Kent

Kent CamEye is a 4G power, mobile app based, plug & play device, it can be installed on the car windshield. It uses secure cloud stage to store the videos and sync it with the mobile phone on real-time basis. It also has an internal battery of 3000mAh and 8GB internal memory.

To ensure the connectivity experience remains consistent, MediaTek’s own TAS 2.0 smart antenna technology improves the power efficiency and user experience by providing a more reliable and consistent connection quality. Its IMG GE8100 GPU operates up to 570MHz and supports the latest 18:9 display type with HD+ (1440 x 720) resolution which helps in providing crystal clear live video streaming on your smartphone.

On the announcement Miles Sun, General Manager, Corporate Sales, MediaTek Inc. said; “At MediaTek we design chips with humans in mind so we can bring great technology to the market that improves our everday lives. Kent’s CamEye is a great example as an essential gadget for the safety of women and children in driver driven cars. These kind of products, powered by our chipsets, will bring a whole new range of in-car IoT solutions to change the course of car security systems in India”.

Kent CamEye can be connected to mobile phones through an application which is available for both, Android and iOS platforms. The application enables the user to get the live feed from the inside and outside of car, real-time location of car, trip history, recorded trip videos and much more. Up to 90 days of trip-data is available on cloud storage.

Face recognition is another feature which makes Kent CamEye superior to its competition. Using the face recognition technology it can alert the car owner if an unknown person is driving the car. It can also send alerts on the phone when the driver sleeps in the car with AC ON or if the engine is running idle for long duration of time.

Varun Gupta, Director, KENT RO Systems Ltd., said “Kent CamEye is in sync with today’s fast-paced life and 21st -century security needs. The device ensures the safety of children and women in driver driven cars. It also facilitates in monitoring undisciplined driver behavior such as AC misuse, over speeding, etc. Moreover it helps to track the location of the car remotely. Personal cars is just one small segment for this kind of device with multifunctional benefits. It should bring a paradigm shift in the way we look at the security of females in public taxis, the safety of children in school buses, bringing inefficiencies in fleets of cars and trucks and various benefits in many other commercial vehicle segment”.

Kent CamEye is priced at Rs. 17,999 with a 3 months free subscription post which user can continue with the services by opting for the monthly or annual plan.