mCarbon Targets INR 200 Crore Revenue in three years, expand Global footprint


mCarbon, a mobile technology solution innovator will continue its work in advance analytics to offer products which enhance usage and uplift revenues of the telecom operators globally.

The company is slated to grow at 50% CAGR while targeting a projected revenue of INR 200 Crore over the next 3 years. In the current fiscal year the firm aims to increase its revenues, 20-25 % of which will come from select international geographies including South Asia, APAC parts of Middle East and Africa.

mCarbon will also make significant investments in select international markets for developmental activities and make strategic investments in assets which will provide reasonable international footprint. mCarbon is the largest airtime advance and credit supplier and biggest pre-paid usage and engagement platform globally.

Rajesh Razdan, Founder and CEO, mCarbon said “With growing smartphone penetration and data consumption telcos are looking at contextual marketing offerings that increase usage and customer lifetime value. We are hopeful to grow more than 50% annually in India and are ready to further expand our footprint in global quarters of APAC, South Asia, Middle East and Africa this year. This exponential growth will come with some of our star products being applied in the new geographies and latest innovation in contextual marketing solutions,which will besignificant market trend in 2015. We are excited to accelerate in full swing in FY 15-16.”