Mavenir, Terrestar Solutions Partner on Deployment of 5G NR Non-Terrestrial Network


Mavenir, the cloud-native network infrastructure provider building the future of networks, continues its pioneering leadership in Open RAN with 5G New Radio (NR) Non-Terrestrial-Network (NTN) solutions.

The latest initiative is to integrate satellite connectivity for Open RAN terrestrial networks thereby enabling seamless connectivity for users across satellite and terrestrial networks. The project is being delivered in collaboration with Terrestar Solutions, a Canadian based Satellite Operator.

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Satellite Operators are actively looking at ways to harness 5G NTN capabilities within their network topology, to extend coverage and capacity in areas where traditional terrestrial networks may be economically unfeasible or impractical. Terrestar will launch a new Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) service offer to the market, evolving to a full 5G Direct to Device (D2D) service by 2025. As the chosen technology supplier, Mavenir will provide the enabling 3GPP standards-compliant Core and O-RAN interface technology. Open RAN implementations, aligned to the O-RAN alliance specifications, are driving the deployment of open, intelligent, and secure networks for both mobile network and satellite network owners.

Jacques Leduc, President and CEO of Terrestar Solutions, announced, “This partnership aims to develop interoperable standards that seamlessly link multi-orbit satellite systems, ground infrastructure, and mobile devices together. This initiative is a pivotal step towards ensuring every Canadian enjoys seamless, high-quality connectivity, directly benefiting both industries and consumers.”

Pardeep Kohli, CEO at Mavenir, said, “Mavenir‘s O-RAN, built on ETSI O-RAN 3GPP R.17 standards, makes it possible to integrate terrestrial and satellite service points quickly and seamlessly. Working with our partner Terrestar, this project showcases the remarkable flexibility that can be achieved through this standard and technology. Open RAN deployments are demonstrating their clear potential for enabling unprecedented levels of connectivity for consumers and industries, surpassing the possibilities of traditional RAN software builds.”

Terrestar Solutions Inc. is a Canadian mobile satellite operator engaged in the race to bring direct-to-device satellite services to smartphones and IoT devices and make anywhere in Canada communication a reality. The Company is committed to nurturing the ever-evolving, standards-based and open network ecosystem, enabling Mobile Network Operators to deliver ubiquitous communication services.

Thanks to the Echostar T1 satellite, its ground network infrastructure and mobile satellite spectrum, Terrestar connects Canadians from almost anywhere in the country, even in Canada’s most remote regions through its Strigo Mobile Satellite Service (MSS). The Strigo service also supports non-profit and First Nations organizations, a testament to the Company’s strong sense of responsibility towards the welfare and progress of the communities it serves.