MATRIXX Delivers 5G-Compliant Charging System to Monetize 5G Services

5G Innovation

MATRIXX Software, an innovation powerhouse committed to transforming global commerce, today introduced the industry’s first 5G digital commerce platform including a 5G 3GPP-compliant Converged Charging System (CCS).

As 5G rolls out, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are transforming their legacy billing and charging systems, ensuring they can fully monetize their network investments across consumer and enterprise while leveraging emerging devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

CSPs need 5G-ready solutions now so they can introduce new services and business models quickly and easily, an essential need in competitive markets and an imperative for full-scale 5G deployments.

“Implementing MATRIXX’s 5G-ready solution provides operators a head start on innovative packaging and pricing ahead of 5G standalone deployments,” explained Marc Price, MATRIXX CTO. “MATRIXX is working with operators to plan 5G standalone deployments, where 5G services will demand the agility of a cloud native digital commerce platform.”

MATRIXX Software is at the forefront of enabling CSPs to rapidly launch new services and fueling network agility with an all-digital, product-first approach. Using MATRIXX Digital Commerce, many leading CSPs, including Telstra, Swisscom, Orange Poland, Vodafone New Zealand, Ooredoo and Zain, have gained traction and market share by quickly upgrading their monetization platforms and launching new business models and service offerings.

“An architecturally agile, elastic charging engine with support for standardized interfaces is key for the effective monetization of new services enabled by 5G,” said John Abraham, principal analyst, Analysys Mason. “MATRIXX has a well-regarded monetization platform that is favorably positioned to support CSP’s new 5G use cases.”

The newly released MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform delivers operational efficiencies and cost benefits by harnessing microservices and containers orchestrated with Kubernetes. It features open-source Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) components with web scale advantages enabling platform independence.

It also supports the full spectrum of monetization across 3G, 4G and 5G networks, providing a single platform on which operators can standardize their offerings while simplifying their IT infrastructure.

The extreme scalability coupled with the business configurability of MATRIXX Digital Commerce enables new use cases requiring ultra-low latency and dynamic network slices, including right-sized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and pricing.

With MATRIXX Digital Commerce, CSPs can support dynamic and personalized offers across a wide range of use cases such as:
Enhanced Mobile Broadband- Let consumers access the fastest network speed when they need it most, for example, downloading a 4K UHD movie in seconds just before they get on a flight.

Cloud Based Gaming- Provide cloud-based computing resources combined with high speed, low latency connectivity to deliver rich gaming experiences to a much wider audience.

Consumer IoT Connectivity- Encourage users to connect all their SIM and eSIM devices through multi-device discounts, shared balances, real-time alerts and usage controls.

Hyper-Segmentation of Services- Provide new service propositions that appeal to specific segments that can be created quickly, scaled to meet demand, then taken down when no longer needed.

Enterprise IoT Connectivity- Enable enterprises with solutions that provide real-time product diagnostics, telemetry and other machine-to-cloud use cases.

Designed and built for the modern era, the multi-patented, award-winning MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform enables a digital-first reinvention of Telco.

Harnessing a cloud native architecture, it allows operators to scale a new generation of services quickly and effectively while ensuring the high availability of distributed systems. Built to scale for digital, 5G and IoT services, the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform provides operators the agility and elasticity needed to compete and win now and in the future.