Malaysia’s Tier 1 Operator Deploys Crestel Online Charging Platform by Elitecore

Elitecore Crestel online charging platform is enabling real-time credit control and bill shock prevention, supporting data and voice services for wholesale & retail subscribers for the operator in Malaysia.

Elitecore Technologies, a global provider of BSS and Packet Core solution, has announced that a leading Tier 1 Operator in Malaysia has deployed Elitecore’s 3GPP compliant Online Charging System (OCS) for their voice and data services.

The solution enables its subscribers to keep track of their account, services and usage in real time. It supports dynamic notifications to customers prior to reaching their credit thresholds and also supports admin action in real time on threshold breach. The solution enables real-time charging of VOIP calls over SIP interface for post-paid subscribers on FTTX network.

Elitecore’s real time OCS is a modular solution integrated with operator’s existing CRM and Billing systems, without having to go through a transformation of its existing billing system to support next generation services. The entire project was completed in just 3 months. The platform supports features such as single touch Point of Credit Governance for customer, Self Care service interaction in real time with accurate and timely information related to their usage, time/volume based rating, differential rating, advice of charges, shared balances, policy based discounting etc.

Dhaval Vora, VP, Product Management, Elitecore says “With our Real Time charging Solution, the operator is well prepared to support the growing demand for data services and benefit from enhanced real-time capabilities for its Data, Voice & Internet Services. Better real-time processing and instant notification of credit balance status enhances user experience and eliminates bill shock scenario.”

The solution helps operators to add subscriber value through personalized offering, ensures optimum network utilization & greatly increases service usage and ARPU. Moreover, the solution is future ready which can support multiple networks on the same platform.