Make your Car Smarter


Give your car the modern touch it is missing and keep up with the fast-evolving car technology. Apart from pimping your ride, the new features have come with high tech security to protect your vehicle against theft and to reduce cost due to bad driving habits in the case of commercial vehicles.

EyeRide has got you covered with all the accessories that you need to modernize your car and have full-time control of it in an easy way. You can access their website at and get to choose the products that suit your car needs.

The car products they have include DVR camera surveillance system, GPS tracking system, automatic vehicle location system, Car accessories and much more. Here are some of the technology gadgets that can make your ride a lot more fun.

Car rearview camera

Packing your vehicle poses a challenge to many who have good driving experience, but this will be a thing of the past with the installation of rear parking camera. It will save your car from unnecessary damages caused by hitting blind sports and save your time too when parking.

Navigation gadget

This is one of the best investments in making your car smart that you can make because it allows you to have a direct satellite-based navigation. It comes with important features like traffic reports, parking availability, and updated maps to navigate your route with no worries of missing your destination.


This gadget gives you control of your car maintenance at your fingertips without having to make unnecessary trips to the mechanics. You can easily access data about your car’s service history and performance. It gives you information on fuel consumption, engine status, etc. You can use this feature by buying a scanner tool and then you link it to the dash app and enjoy the experience.

Modern media receiver

We all like to music because it has a way of relaxing our minds. It is time to upgrade your car radio and enjoy quality music as you ride. It will also give your car a modern touch to look beautiful. It comes with features like voice control, touchscreen controls, and equalizer functions to enjoy your music the best way you like it. It also acts as a rear parking view to ease your parking experience.

Hudway glass

This feature makes your car look high tech and classy giving you control of your smartphone while still on the wheel. It displays your phone functions on the windshield of your car hence it is easy to drive while still accessing your phone. This is done by linking the device to the windscreen.

Mobile eye

This device is a great one in improving road safety to save lives and costs that are caused by avoidable accidents. This device warns you when you are about to depart from your lane. It also warns you of approaching pedestrians or cyclists.

Car track system

Your car is a big investment you are never ready to lose especially to theft. With a car track installed by a reputable company, you can rest assured of your car’s security. You can also be able to track it’ location whenever it is necessary.