MagentaTV: More great ZDF content now in the Megathek library

Deutsche Telekom

MagentaTV customers’ favorite TV fare includes the best content presented by the ARD and ZDF networks.

Now, MagentaTV viewers can enjoy some 350 additional German-language broadcasts from ZDF. All in all, more than 8,500 content items from ARD Plus, ZDF Select, ARD Plus Kids and ZDFtivi Select are now available on demand.

And all of the content, including long-running hit shows such as “Die Schwarzwaldklinik,” current ZDF broadcasts such as “Ella Schön”and plenty of new episodes of “Der Bergdoktor” and “Wilsberg” is available to MagentaTV customers at no extra charge.

MagentaTV subscribers love those classic TV series

The MagentaTV library – the “Megathek” – offers a wide range of series and original productions. It also holds numerous classic TV series. One such series is “Die Schwarzwaldklinik.”

It has been one of the most-watched items since April – MagentaTV customers love its drama-filled plots built around Prof. Klaus Brinkmann and his team. Classic series such as “Tatort,” “Derrick” and “Der Bergdoktor” are also very popular with viewers, as the on-demand statistics show.

MagentaTV – Deutsche Telekom’s TV service

MagentaTV combines classic television, media and video libraries, streaming services and exclusive content on one platform. It is available to Deutsche Telekom’s internet subscribers.

MagentaTV offers an enormous range of content, including Germany’s biggest selection of HD programming: 300 TV channels overall, and more than 100 HD channels. Selected UHD content creates a brilliant television experience. Features like time shift, restart, and 7-day replay provide great convenience to its user community.