LS Telcom supplies radio monitoring system for Indonesia’s SDPPI


LS Telcom, together with its local partner and prime contractor PT Berca Hardayaperkasa, will implement its sensor-based radio monitoring system LS OBSERVER for the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Directorate General of Resources and Equipment of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology (SDPPI), Indonesia.

SDPPI will use the system for nationwide radio monitoring and automatic violation detection. The new system will enable SDPPI to continuously monitor the complete spectrum and to detect illegal and unwanted radio frequency emissions immediately. The Project with a total volume of about 6.3 million Euro, of which a main share is dedicated to LS telcom’s products and services, consists of more than sixty fixed remote monitoring units, which will be distributed all over Indonesia, and a large number of central control units, located in SDPPI’s regional offices and their headquarters.

Dr. Manfred Lebherz, CEO and board member of LS telcom, explained, “Automatic violation detection necessitates true integration of spectrum monitoring systems with the spectrum management licensing database, as well as sophisticated data analysis software. We will provide this together with unique storage, mining, and post-processing capabilities for Big Data in our LS OBSERVER system. It is the first time ever that a system of this kind and complexity is installed at a national level.”

SDPPI operators will be able to detect unlicensed transmitters and identify transmitters, which are not operating within their licensed parameters. Based on the licensed transmitters’ parameters in the licensing database, the integrated software calculates which signal strength should be received by a given monitoring station at its location. If the measured signal strength does not correspond to the calculated “should-be” signal strength, the operator receives an automatic alert and can take action immediately.

Duta Subagio Sarosa, Director of PT Berca Hardayaperkasa, said “Following the implementation of LS telcom’s fully automated and integrated radio monitoring system LS OBSERVER, SDPPI will be able to react much faster to illegal frequency use and ultimately increase efficiency in spectrum control and management. The system to be built will be a first step in gradually and automatically building a massive but flexible spectrum inventory for future use.”