Light Picks Gigs to Debut Innovative Light Plans


Light, creators of the Light Phone – a premium, minimal phone designed to be used as little as possible – announced its partnership with Gigs, the world’s first telecom-as-a-service platform, to offer its users a best in class wireless experience.

With Light Plans, Light Phone users will now benefit from carrier-grade connectivity, easy plan upgrades, 1-month cancellation periods and much more. With plans designed specifically for the Light Phone, users get full flexibility in their phone plan and can enjoy a break from hyper-connectivity.


“Our mission at Light is to liberate our customers from unnecessary distractions and empower them to fully embrace meaningful moments. Through our minimalist approach to phones, we aim to simplify lives and promote digital well-being. By offering matching phone plans with Gigs, we provide our customers with the peace of mind of staying connected without succumbing to the seduction of the attention economy. ” states Kaiwei Tang, co-founder and CEO of Light.

Hermann Frank, co-founder & CEO at Gigs, adds, “By offering phone plans next to their ‘Be-here-Now’ phone, Light provides a unified experience that will empower even more users to make the Light Phone their primary phone. The unique Light Plan offering perfectly illustrates how telecom-as-a-service enables OEMs to monetize their audience effectively, differentiate their offerings, and strengthen customer loyalty without any upfront investment. We are excited to be Light’s growth partner in creating a new profit center through the Light Plan and elevating their product experience at the same time.”

How Light Plan works

After selecting a Light Phone, customers can add a Light Plan that matches their data needs. The available plans range from 1 GB to Unlimited data and are all cancellable monthly. Light’s carrier-grade plans utilize AT&T’s 4G LTE network and include unlimited talk & text, hotspot capability, and roaming to Canada and Mexico.

With Gigs’ end-to-end connectivity platform, Light enables their users to effortlessly make payments, port numbers, and upgrade or downgrade their plans. Simultaneously, Light gains unique user insights and benefits from Gigs handling all the cumbersome administrative work seamlessly in the background.

Why companies choose Gigs

Before Gigs, companies that wanted to offer phone plans had to spend months negotiating contracts with telecom providers, committing millions of dollars upfront, and hiring entire teams to tediously integrate with their networks and develop software for offering and managing subscriptions for their users. This barrier proved insurmountable for most businesses, stifling innovation at a moment when connectivity is more important than ever.

With Gigs, companies are finally able to offer voice and data plans and bundle them with their existing product portfolio in any market they operate in, all through a single integration. Gigs enables any company to offer eSIM and SIM-enabled voice and data plans of any size on any network globally. Businesses can launch their own mobile service provider and monetize their audience with new recurring revenue streams while retaining full control over their brand, customer experience, and price points. From neobanks providing branded phone plans or Travel SIMs alongside their credit or debit cards to employee management platforms enabling their customers to issue phone plans to employees in just a few clicks, and hardware OEMs offering subscriptions bundled with their devices, Gigs is active in various industries.

Gigs is a telecom-as-a-service platform. By enabling any company to launch its own wireless service in a matter of days, Gigs helps its customers differentiate their product offering, increase customer stickiness and unlock new revenue streams through embedded connectivity.

As the only end-to-end connectivity provider, Gigs offers a broad set of products and services, including premium wholesale, a hosted checkout, subscription management, payments, analytics, AI, and more. The company is backed by Google, Y Combinator, and prominent business angels and investors like Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO of Uber), Tony Xu (Co-founder & CEO of DoorDash), and Fidji Simo (CEO of Instacart).

The company was founded by Hermann Frank and Dennis Bauer in 2020 and currently employs over 60 people in the US and Europe.