Lifeasapa – is it possible to solve modern problems with the help of innovative developments?


Lifeasapa Foundation was created by the best minds of the twenty-first century. It was founded in Seychelles and has been successfully developing its activities since January 8, 2013. Life Asapa was created with the aim of solving global problems, which are associated with medicine, environment, low social and economic living standards in many countries, etc. 

Asapa is the region’s scientific leader who invites experienced and young researchers to collaborate. Scientists from all over the world are trying to prevent and stop the emergence of situations that can become a real problem and threat to the life of the entire planet population.

The research project has not been public since its foundation, but since January 19, 2016, the founders of the Lifeasapa Foundation have decided to conduct activities that will allow students and young scientists to get acquainted with the project idea. The company begins to hold public conferences, gives grants for students and provides the opportunity to develop their ideas, supports startup companies that are interested in solving global problems.

Transparent research and development system of Life Asapa

The peculiarity and success of Asapa is in a non-standard approach to the development of new ideas. Professors have an eye to more than one project that is proposed for implementation. It can be developed by an experienced scientist or a young specialist, the proposed idea itself and the possibility of its implementation are important. A convenient system of project financing gives an opportunity to anyone to contribute any amount of funds. It is enough to be the owner of a credit or debit card of any bank to do this.

By posting your project on the Lifeasapa Foundation website, the researcher can be sure of having one hundred percent ownership of his development. A small payment for the publication of the project is charged only in case of a successful posting; if the project has received sufficient funding.

Thanks to the support of scientists’ ideas by the company, it has already managed to raise several hundred thousand dollars. These funds helped to conduct several studies, which were carried out with the aim of overcoming aging, damage to DNA structures, restoring mitochondria, etc. The Asapa platform cooperates with large advertising platforms, which, thanks to a broad public, help to attract more and more investors to finance new and support existing projects.

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