Letv wins multiple piracy suits over its arch-rival Xiaomi


China’s Letv has announced that it recently won a piracy suits over Xiaomi, which pirated 11 of Letv’s movies and TV shows.

A district court that delivered the verdict on the 10th of October in favour of Letv sentenced Xiaomi to compensate Letv for the amount of 219,000 Yuan (INR 22,36,040) in Beijing, China.

Xiaomi and Letv are said to be close rivals in China, due to their overlapping mobile phone and TV businesses. As Xiaomi has entered India last year and Letv is likely to enter India soon, it’s still too early to know how the relationship between the two will work in India.

However, it is important t note that, this is not the first time Letv has won a piracy suit over Xiaomi. In June 2014, Letv sued Xiaomi for pirating more than 10 of its movies. And this August, Letv sued Xiaomi again for the latter pirating 16 Letv movies and TV dramas, and Xiaomi and its partnership companies were sentenced to compensate Letv 320,000 Yuan (INR32,67,274).

Letv owns China’s largest video content library, including movies, TV dramas, Sports, music. It has contributed hugely to China’s anti-piracy campaign and over the last 10 years, piracy rates have been steadily declining due to Letv’s offering pay-per-view content.

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