Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 – Productivity Unlimited!


By Zia Askari

Innovating on the core design for a tablet, Lenovo surprised many of us late last year when the company unveiled its uniquely positioned, Android-powered Yoga Tablet line. Yoga Tablet 2 is an extension of the same philosophy and comes with a number of value adds to enhance the productivity level as well as increase on the fun element.


As a result of its unconventional design elements, Yoga Tablet 2 is completely different from the other form factors available in the market and comes power packed with Intel’s Z3745 Quad Core processor.

The package contains:

  • micro USB cable
  • microfiber cloth
  • Wall charger
  • User guide


Yoga 2 – Elegantly Productive Design

Lenovo Yoga 2 presents a refreshing look and creativity in terms of its form factor. The tablet is ideal for achieving true mobility and can surely help enable greater level of productivity even when a user is sitting or standing on a difficult footing. The tablet provides a unique grip and it is almost unique to its style. The design of this tablet makes it ideal for use during travel times and the super smooth touch screen provides additional support.


Keeping in mind its inexpensive price point availability, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 showcases attractive design elements, primarily driven by its svelte construction and its metal-plastic casing combination. This gives this tablet a unique look, touch and feel.

Though, I feel that the tablet is a bit too heavy towards the side where its cylindrical hinge is located, however it manages to deliver an ergonomic feel when holding it with a single hand posture.


One of the most interesting difference in the Yoga 2 comes in the form of its kickstand which, extend all the way to a full 180-degrees. And in addition to this addition, there is this unique capability to hang the tablet and work.

This is a great option for those who just need to hang the tablet and work on it. The tablet also features front-firing large-chamber stereo speakers by Wolfson Master HiFi audio processing and Dolby surround sound.


Yoga 2 Display – Visual Celebration

Lenovo Yoga 2 has enough of the elements to make the user visually happy. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2’s display is sporting a 1920 x 1200 IPS LCD display which is quite good to enhance its visual power. The colors look more than alive on this tablet and as a result, watching videos or playing games becomes a delight.

Intel Processor, Delivers Power, Performance and Durability

Intel may be late to come inside tablets, but its processors does make a big difference in terms of delivering the right mix of power, performance and handling multiple applications, without much of overheating of the cores.


The Verdict

Overall, we are quite satisfied with the performance, and the uniqueness in form factor that comes along with Lenovo Yoga 2.


Unique form factor

Performance of processor

Visual display


Slightly overweight

Camera could have been better