Lenovo strengthens wearable offering, unveils HX03F Spectra, HX03 Cardio on Flipkart


Lenovo, a global technology enabler has strengthened its India market focus with the launch of the new range of fitness trackers, HX03F Spectra and HX03 Cardio to be available exclusively on Flipkart starting (24th April for HX03 Cardio and 3rd May for HX03F Spectra).

Lenovo’s new wearable smart accessories have a blend of advanced technology and sleek aesthetics giving fitness enthusiast a smart approach towards leading a healthy lifestyle. Equipped with the OLED/TFT display, Lenovo’s latest offerings assist a range of activities – a dynamic heart rate monitor, movement monitoring and sleep monitoring being a lifestyle companion for fitness fanatics. HX03F Spectra and HX03 cardio are priced at INR 2,299 and INR 1,999 respectively.

These value plus smart bands enable the growing fitness conscious millennials to track their movements and stay active and fit. PR Innovations Pvt. ltd is the importer and distributor of this segment in India.

Well equipped with advanced health and fitness features, the latest range supports a healthy lifestyle and is a perfect accessory for a fitness enthusiast. With soft and light-weight wrist straps, these smart bands can automatically check ones’ heart rate every 15 minutes with 24- hours real-time heart rate monitoring. These fitness bracelets easily evaluate minute details of your heart BPM without interrupting the workout.

Easily synchronized with phone, these bands can aid an individual with frequent updates through notifications ranging from phone calls, emails, text messages and other social media apps. With vibrating smart notifications and inactively alerts, these bands can keep the fitness enthusiasts active and notified of each minute internal movement.

This informative post provides quite credible insights into cardio vs strength training and understanding the benefits of both.

Lenovo HX03F Spectra incorporates multi-master interface switching and has an attractive large screen color display making it an Industry leading product in the smart accessories category. Lenovo HX03 Cardio is equipped with an intelligent alarm clock that will certainly help one start their day more efficiently.

Commenting on the launch, Sebastian Peng, Head of Lenovo MBG Ecosystem said, “At Lenovo, our focus has always been to use advanced technologies and offer smart devices that meet our customer demands. Lenovo HX03 Cardio & HX03F Spectra smart band are yet another effort in fitness genre. India market which is approximately 2 million units in 2017, is expected to reach 3 million units in 2018. We target to acquire 20% market share within 2018. It combines modern innovation and technology with Lenovo’s trusted legacy of rendering smart devices. We have great expectation from the Indian market where the share of wearable devices is projected to gain significantly in the coming years.”

Adarsh K Menon, VP and Head – Electronics and Private Labels at Flipkart, said, “The launch of the new range of Lenovo wearables will bolster the category, leading to more adoption through quality products at affordable prices. The category has seen tremendous growth thus far, growing at 70% quarter on quarter, and we see this continuing with the introduction of these wearables – a key addition to the innovative portfolio that Flipkart is building. We are excited to be the exclusive partner for the new range of Lenovo wearables, and are certain that these wearables would be positively received by consumers. We look forward to building this partnership and expanding the portfolio, while focusing on driving our efforts to provide our customers with a fulfilling shopping experience.”

Available primarily in black color, however the other color options will follow. Lenovo HX03F Spectra and HX03 Cardio are latest personalized fitness guide that coaches’ sports and gym enthusiasts on heart rate monitoring. This latest range offers an integrated fitness solution to the health-conscious fanatics through advanced body monitoring and fitness features incorporated in chic and light-weight smart bands.

Key Specifications: (Lenovo HX03F Spectra)

v Color Large Display

v Dynamic Heart rate monitor

v IP68 Waterproof grade

v Activity Tracker

v Multi master Interface Switching

v Color: Black

v Price: INR 2,299

Key Specifications: (Lenovo HX03 Cardio)

v 0.87 inch 128*32 dots OLED Display

v 80mAh Li-polymer Battery

v Intelligent alarm clock

v Incoming call, Information reminder

v Detachable Direct USB Main Body

v Color: Black

v Price: INR1,999