Why IT leaders are being lost in mobility transformation?


Today there are many challenges confronting the Enterprise CIO community and mobility leaders in terms of moving the enterprise workforce from being wirelessly enabled to the actual mobile productivity for the organization. Here is why.

As today’s enterprise world is moving towards inculcating mobility driven productivity, the primary objective of an IT leader is to truly unplug their organizations from wires and hence increase their productivity to the next level.

In today’s scenario, as a lot of telecom operators are targeting the enterprise business, they can utilize technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing which are ideally poised to deliver the next level of mobility driven managed services for the enterprise and in the process also help the IT leaders in terms of making the business more agile and flexible.

This could provide the next level of growth for operators where they manage transformation for the enterprise community and become enterprise transformation providers.

It is important to note that the communications technology of yesterday which had fixed devices, fixed phones and even software, must be swiftly moved to the next generation of devices such as smartphones and tablets.

How Enterprise IT can fail?

There is a clear and more than visible difference between consumer grade technology implementation and business grade technology usage and implementation, the difference is visible in terms of quality and granularity of usage.

There are many organizations which for the sake of cost cutting, go in for end-consumer focused free to use technology implementations such as Skype or even free Wifi hotspots in order to gain more from investing less. However, this surely has its own limitations and creates huge impact on the way business users experience enterprise technology where quality of service becomes a little unpredictable.

And hence to avoid such scenarios, enterprise IT teams must work closely with their service providers and gain more of an enterprise IT edge rather while implementing best in class mobility enablement programs that knit their business fabric in close togetherness with employee productivity.

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