Latin America’s OXXO Taps Kerlink and Clickie for Smart-Store Systems


Kerlink, a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and Clickie, a Chilean company that offers real-time monitoring and management of electricity consumption, has announced their smart-store solution is being deployed in more than two-dozen stores in Chile owned by Latin America’s largest convenience store chain, OXXO.

Clickie’s system, which can be deployed with no disruption to store operations, can reduce store energy consumption by up to 20 percent, reduce the annual CO2 production by more than 240,000kg and increase useful lifetime of in-store equipment by 25 percent.

Oxxo energia dashOXXO, part of Grupo FEMSA, has nearly 20,000 convenience stores in five Latin American countries.

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Clickie’s system combines LoRaWAN® technology, management tools and economic-behavior theory to monitor businesses’ critical operational variables in real time and deliver timely information capable of optimizing the way resources, such as electricity, are used.

Kerlink, a leading provider of solutions for designing, launching, and operating public and private LoRaWAN® IoT networks, offers a comprehensive product portfolio of leading industrial-grade network equipment, best-of-breed network-core, operations and management software and value-added applications. In these Chilean smart-store deployments, it delivers its Wirnet™ iFemtoCell or iFemtoCell-evolution, its robust indoor carrier-grade gateways, along with Wanesy™ Management Center, its complete, modular solution that runs, monitors and manages entire IoT networks.

“Our system enables complete monitoring of structure heating, cooling and lighting, as well as of refrigeration equipment in the stores, and it gives managers full control on their operation, including remote management,” said Nicolás Llévenes, Clickie’s chief commercial officer. “Clickie chose to partner with Kerlink for these deployments because of its record of providing reliable-and-robust indoor gateways which, combined with Wanesy™ Management Center, offer our customers future-proof local IoT networks.”

“Kerlink’s smart-store solutions are being used in countless businesses, stores and shops around the world because they allow shop owners and managers to control assets and energy use, cut costs and reduce their carbon footprints,” said Josic Thepaut, Kerlink sales manager for the Americas. “These deployments in Chile with Clickie also prove that smart-store solutions can be quickly and easily implemented, with no disruption of day-to-day business operations.”

Benefits of Clickie’s Smart-Store Solution

Electrical equipment management

Continuous monitoring of energy usage allows detection of critical points of consumption and key management opportunities:

Scheduled operating hours

Equipment or appliances that record energy consumption during the store’s closing hours can be programmed to shut down automatically, thus reducing unnecessary usage and extending their useful lives.

· Out-of-range alarms

Alarms that trigger when excessive consumption is detected identify when and where consumption peaks occur. This facilitates management of energy demand.

· Automation

Clickie’s automation service gives store managers control of their devices from the platform, such as the possibility of managing room temperature remotely.

Room temperature management

OXXO manages to effectively maintain an optimal room temperature in all its stores, thanks to the temperature management tools connected to the platform.

Smart thermostat

Clickie provides advanced control of air conditioning units, to automatically and remotely adjust modes and temperature level based on customer comfort parameters.

· Automatic On/Off

Using the platform, the air conditioning is programmed to turn on half an hour before and turn off half an hour after the store’s business hours.

· Custom schedule

Clickie allows the creation of custom schedules to turn on air conditioning on certain days and automate operating hours. Powered On Monday through Friday, powered Off on Saturdays and Sundays. Any timetable is allowed.