Latest Laravel Development Trends in 2021


Introduction to Laravel Framework

Laravel is one of the trendiest PHP frameworks for developing amazing web applications in Laravel. Over the last few years, the utilization of the Laravel framework is increasing and it has done very well compared to other PHP frameworks. Laravel has an MVC  architecture that makes it easier for web developers and designers to work on said Hardik Dhanani, Analyst at eTatvaSoft – a Laravel development Company in India.

According to a report generated by BuiltWith, currently, there are more than 600,000 live websites that are developed using the Laravel framework and around 6,00,000+ websites used Laravel in the past.

Testimonials and reports say the truth, so here is the Laravel usage statistics:


As a new Laravel user, it is not hard to learn Laravel, because there are countless resources available and anyone having basic knowledge of PHP would find the clean code structure appealing and efficient. It has witnessed a remarkable rise in the popularity of Laravel app development as one of the most used PHP frameworks.

In this blog, we’re going to know the latest trends to follow for Laravel web development in 2021. Without any further discussion, let’s directly jump to the Laravel trends:

Latest Trends In Laravel Application Development

IoT Capability

We all are aware of IoT capabilities and combining it with the Laravel framework is very beneficial for every organization. Laravel has great community support that keeps up with the latest trends especially for web developers who have wide experience. Laravel designs the website which is then connected to the Internet where both these technologies are inter-related. In the coming years, you’ll see the combination of these two robust technologies that will build amazing web applications.

IoT is supported by Laravel using a hardware platform known as Arduino. It makes it easy for developers to fix bugs and resolve errors during the development process. As Laravel has an active community of developers and designers, it is always up-to-date with the latest trends and perceives potential Laravel development solutions. It is expected that the Internet of Things and PHP will have a great future and end up being hit by new requests for IoT solutions. IoT comes with in-built functions equipped with an ocean of amazing features that allow web developers to write readable codes without any challenges.

High-level Security App

According to research, PHP seems to be more secure compared to Java. Laravel is a highly reliable and powerful framework for building web applications with the help of arranged SQL and Bcrypt hashing calculations. It is trusted for its security and built-in authentication ensuring security features incorporated into these platforms.

Providing security is another great feature of the Laravel framework that prevents users from cyber crimes and safeguards websites from these attacks. Laravel provides a secure networking system and supports cache backend languages out-of-the-box.

Strong Developer Community

Laravel has strong community support offering a user-friendly interface for web app development. It takes pride in providing a robust community spanning hundreds of dedicated developers who contributed extensively to the growth of your organization. The Laravel development team creates market-leading websites which are quick, secure, and efficient.

Laravel is the most loved PHP framework trusted by experts for creating a perfect business website.

Error and Exception Handling

Many business organizations acquire Laravel development because of its robust features which are very useful for web app development compared to other frameworks. Laravel developers can write error-free code and configure projects by default for handling various types of errors. This web development trend of Laravel makes user and developer experiences very convenient and builds user-friendly websites.

Progressive and Scalable Framework

Laravel helps to improve your business with scalability and a library of documentation that helps you grow your application. For Laravel enthusiasts and expert developers, Laravel offers robust resources and tools for dependency injection, queues, and much more. Laravel’s support for combined PHP’s scalability and caching systems makes the web development process seamless and flexible that has the ability to handle millions of requests per month easily.

Why Choose Laravel Framework?

Before ending up the content, let’s discuss why should businesses choose the Laravel framework for web development:

  • Laravel has built-in tools known as Artisan that help developers to simplify complex tasks and avoid vulnerabilities.
  • The easy-to-use Laravel template designs an interactive website layout with appealing content.
  • Unit testing is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Laravel for developing amazing cloud based web applications.
  • Laravel developed secure web apps by implementing a variety of authentication and have the ability to reset the passwords.
  • It offers large community support that makes the development process easier and faster.
  • HTTP middleware is supported by the Laravel community that adds extra layers to the route.
  • Laravel framework offers a route cache to provide the basic caching process.
  • The code written in Laravel has elegant syntax and readable code that makes the process of development enjoyable for developers.
  • Laravel develops secure web apps by eliminating all the pain-points and handling complex PHP code.
  • It provides faster and easy web application development with numerous object-oriented libraries and uses pre-written code for excellent performance.

The Verdict

The tech market is flooded with an assortment of web app frameworks and is gaining a high reputation in the sector of website development. As we all know that Laravel offers a wide variety of functionalities and features which amaze web developers. There are countless frameworks but PHP’s Laravel framework is one of the most used and liked web development platforms on an extensive scale.

Laravel allows developers to create modern mobile applications and offers a perfect software solution for the process of development.

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If you have any related queries, feel free to approach me below in the comment section. Till then, that’s all folks!