Last month Hacks for Punjab Constable Examination


Often the last month before an examination is the most critical part of a candidate’s journey in his venture to win a competitive examination. The same goes for the Punjab Police Constable Examination, the last few weeks before the examination can be the difference between a selection and a rejection. The candidates who spend their last few months before the examination smartly outperform other candidates who don’t plan their last few months well. Considering the immense competition in the Punjab Constable Examination, every single day matters, hence planning the last month becomes imperative. Hence, in this article, we will share the most comprehensive last month’s preparation tips for the Punjab Constable Examination.

Most Important Tips to follow in the Last Month Before Punjab Police Examination

  • Make Revision Your Hobby: In the last of the Punjab Constable Examination, a candidate should focus more on revision. However, if a candidate hasn’t completed the whole syllabus then he might choose to give an additional week to complete his syllabus before moving to revision. You should aim to revise whatever you have prepared for, but, once the Punjab Police Constable Admit card dates are released, you should switch your revision strategy to revise topics based on their importance and weightage of marks.
  • Leave the Night Owl Study Routine: Many candidates have the habit of burning the midnight oil during their preparation days. During your preparation days, it is fine to study late at night. But, it is not advisable to follow the same study pattern in the last month of examination. It is because your Punjab Police Constable Examination will be conducted in the morning time and you might feel sleepy and dizzy due to the late waking up routine. Hence, it is advisable to change your sleep pattern well before the examination.
  • Say no to Mock Tests in Last Week: Your confidence in the examination hall decides your accuracy and concentration. A highly confident candidate may perform better than a candidate who doubts his preparation. So, you need to be highly confident of yourself and your preparation at least in the last few days. Therefore avoid attempting any mock test in the last week as a bad score in mocks can greatly decrease your confidence. Be smart, instead of a new mock test, practice important questions from your previously attempted mock tests.
  • Focus on Relevancy: In the last month before your Constable Examination, cross-check your Punjab Police Constable Syllabus again to find out if you have skipped any important topic and study accordingly. And, in the last two weeks, focus only on strengthening important and scoring topics rather than studying everything and anything. All your hard work of preparation can go in vain if you give more importance to less relevant topics in the last two weeks. Be smart and spend your time wisely.
  • Don’t Leave Practice: Many candidates go on a berserk mode to revise theory in the last month. You should avoid this practice; yes, you have to revise everything but not at the cost of skipping practice. You will have to follow a mixed strategy of revision and practice in the last month if you want to score high in the Punjab Constable Examination.
  • Decide your Attempt Strategy: In case you haven’t decided your question attempting strategy, it is the right time to do so. You should decide what fits you the best, like if you have good calculation skills, you can choose to attempt Maths first or if you are good at Reasoning, you might choose to attempt Reasoning first. You can also choose to attempt the GK questions first as they can be done quickly leaving ample time for you to attempt reasoning and Maths.

There is no alternative to hard work and planning, hence, plan your last month well to make the most of it. Follow these simple tips to outperform yourself in the Examination hall.