Largest US Terminal Operator Taps Infogain for Enabling Mobile Solution


Infogain is helping Largest US Terminal Operator’s Customer Access Information Anytime and Anywhere with a Customized Mobile Solution

The Client

With headquarters in New Jersey, the client is the largest independent marine terminal operator and stevedore company in the United States. The company operates in more than 42 ports and 80 locations, handling all types of cargo, including container, bulk, breakbulk, automotive, project, military and cruise.

Business and Technical Challenges

The client’s goal was to help its customers (truck drivers) save valuable time when commuting and obtaining port terminal information. The current process was slow and ponderous, often leading to gate congestion and additional gate transaction time at the port upon arrival.

Other challenges included:

Contacting the terminal via their desktop computer or by telephone was slow, inconvenient and time consuming. The system lacked a fast and efficient way to access terminal information including port info, scheduling appointments, terminal gate activities, container pickup availability, booking information, vessel schedules, and more.

After evaluating several options the client engaged the Infogain team to provide an application for the desktop and all mobile devices including smart phones, laptops and tablets.

Speaking on this implementation, Jignesh H. Pandya, Consultant, Infogain, said,”Infogain team developed a mobile website that helped the users, especially the trucker to get Real time data while commuting. The users can now create or reschedule an appointment, and access important reports like container pickup availability, booking information, vessel schedule etc. With improved communication, the process was more efficient and saved valuable time of the truck drivers.”

Product Integrations

Maps (Google, Bing)

Google Analytics

Angular Js in JQuery

Technologies Used

JQuery Mobile





Solutions & Scope of Work

During a 12 month timeframe, the Infogain team collaborated successfully with the client’s product development team to deliver a mobile web application giving their customers fast and efficient access to ports information anytime, anywhere.

The team followed industry standards, using the Agile development methodology and SCRUM framework. Also connected to the client’s “Voyager Track” on the desktop, key features gave the client flexibility and efficiency to:

Access reports including import/export and vessel schedules

Access routing information via Google Maps and Bing Maps

Create, update, or delete appointments

Evaluate gate equipment interchange receipts (EIRs)

Monitor performance using windows performance counters

Pinpoint a Terminal’s Location (and directions)

Take Note of Terminal Announcements

Terminal specific home pages

Utilize Google Analytics

Verify a Vessel’s Schedule

View Equipment Inventory or History

View reports on imports, exports and vessel schedules

Business Results

Reduced costs and development time for the project

More efficient process for trucks and terminal operations

The ability to build a responsive application with less effort and a shorter timeframe

Provided a sales advantage to the client and easy acceptability from end users

Key Benefits for Customers

Ability to obtain specific information on terminals or requirements

Increased customer satisfaction by having real time data via mobile

Less interaction needed with terminal personnel

Quicker turnaround times for container drop off/pick up

Key Benefits for Terminals

Decreased personnel involvement and duration times with gate issues

Improvement in terminal gate transaction times

Reduction in terminal operation phone calls

Up-to-date information for internal and external customers