Large Format Retailer Sangeetha Mobiles makes its entry into ‘Zopper’


Zopper, a hyper local mobile marketplace, has recently entered into an association with Bengaluru based Sangeetha Mobiles that is a renowned large format retailer of mobiles, smartphones and tablet devices.

The alliance will provide customers in Bengaluru with easy accessibility to all the products of Sangeetha Mobiles on Zopper.

Sangeetha Mobiles began its operations in early 1974 as a music store and has now become a popular retailer of handheld devices. Marking its 42nd anniversary this year, the company has evolved tremendously in recent years with 400 SKUs and 91 stores in Bengaluru.

Over these years, it has grown tremendously and has become one of the biggest success stories in the large format retail or LFR category. Today it is the one of the premier regional players that started organized retail in the space of mobile and accessories. Through its partnership with Zopper, the company is venturing into an Omni channel strategy in order to enlarge its customer base.

Neeraj Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, Zopper said, “The primary objective behind our association with Sangeetha Mobiles is to make branded mobiles, smartphones and tablets, easily accessible to our patrons in Bengaluru, on one single platform. The alliance dovetails seamlessly with our core mandate of helping offline retailers reach out to digital users and providing our customers with a compelling hyper local buying experience.”

Sangeetha Mobiles Managing Director L Subhash Chandra commented. “It gives us much pleasure in partnering with Zopper. In the past few years we have been steadily growing in the digital space and hyper local shopping is definitely a milestone. Buying preferences are changing constantly and we got to be where the customer is. Today’s customer wants to have a stress free interaction with the brand in both offline and online mediums simultaneously. And together Zopper and Sangeetha strive to ensure that. Moreover we have extended a special service to our customers exclusively on Zopper by delivering phones within one hour.”

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