Kuwait’s Zain launches VoLTE with Huawei and Nokia


Driving towards next generation in mobile communications, Zain in Kuwait has launched Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology in Kuwait over its advanced 4G LTE network, in conjunction with its technology partners Huawei and Nokia (erstwhile NSN).

In partnership with its technology providers and getting ready for the future, Zain tested VoLTE in live experiences in order to showcase the technology’s superior calling capability in preparation for Zain launching commercial VoLTE in the near future once the handsets are released.

The potential of VoLTE has many benefits to Zain’s customers as it enhances the customer experience overall with clear High Definition voice and low latency. This technology will result in the voice quality attaining a superior Mean Opinion Score (MOS), which allows a customer to be able to hear better and feel closer to the person on the other end of the call. The call setup of VoLTE takes approximately one second.

Speaking on the back of the latest VoLTE, Zain Kuwait CEO, Omar Al Omar said: “The successful completion of Kuwait’s first VoLTE call by Zain with our global technology solution providers Huawei and Nokia gives further support to our strategy to bring the best technology to the country in a timely fashion. This launch in planning for the future is an important milestone, which will translate into providing enhanced mobile broadband services to our customers across Kuwait, offering them an opportunity to enjoy unparalleled communication services.”

Becoming the first network operator in Kuwait to Launch VoLTE reaffirms Zain’s technology and market leadership, which in late 2012, saw the company also become the first network operator in the country to launch 4G LTE nationwide. At the end of 2013, Zain further announced its intention to launch a commercial LTE-A network in the country.

Zain plans to continue advancing its network and launching new Services and technologies in order to sustain its leadership position in the Kuwaiti Market. The company expects to move to commercialize VoLTE in Kuwait in due course as smartphones and devices that support it become available on the global market.

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