KT, Ubitus Partner to launch 5G Cloud Game Streaming Service in Korea

KT Logo

Ubitus Inc., the worldwide cloud gaming technology enabler, and KT Corporation, the advanced telecommunication service provider in South Korea, are engaged in a cloud gaming service focused partnership.

KT Corporation launches its gaming service “5G Streaming Game” on mobile devices and plans to strengthen the service in collaboration with Ubitus in this year. This new 5G cloud gaming service is exclusive to KT customers. Users will be able to download the updated app in One Store and Samsung Galaxy Store.

KT is the first network in Korea to collaborate with Ubitus to help shape the future of mobile game streaming. The strategy is taking subscription plans to attract more 5G users by offering advanced performance powered by KT 5G network.

Now 5G streaming game platform has expanded the roster of games starting from 100 titles. It offers various types of games from RPG, FPS, racing, action, adventure, and fighting, and allows gamers to choose from the subscription of best PC and console videogames, with supports of the latest 5G flagships such as Samsung Galaxy Fold, S10, Note 10 and LG V50. The library will be updated monthly with more brand-new content.

KT’s 5G Streaming Game service supported by Ubitus can deliver instant console gaming experiences by subscription based on demand without the need for users to equip with expensive high-end computers or game consoles as prerequisites. Users will be able to get a taste of streaming game live over 5G and see how it revolutionizes the gaming experience by combining the best videogames with the quality of KT network. Ubitus believes this cloud gaming service will take gaming experience to the next level with 5G.

“Ubitus is pleased to collaborate with KT for 5G cloud gaming by using our industry-leading technologies. Bringing new business model, technological strengths and global connections in the gaming industry meet with KT’s leading position in Korea, we expect consumers will enjoy the next level cloud gaming and pioneer 5G services,” said Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus.