KT Selects Amdocs to Rapidly Create and Launch New 5G Services

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Amdocs, a provider of software and services to communications and media companies, has announced that KT Corporation, the largest quad-play service provider in South Korea, has started to upgrade and migrate their existing product catalog to Amdocs CatalogONE.

This solution enables operators to create, deploy, test and launch new services at a much faster pace and quickly take advantage of new 5G use cases and revenue opportunities.

“KT was one of the first service providers globally to launch commercial 5G and deliver differentiated 5G experiences,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of Media, Network and Technology at Amdocs. “This upgrade to Amdocs CatalogONE aligns with KT’s vision to adopt cloud-native technologies for greater business agility. It will enable them to quickly respond to market demands, while also testing and launching differentiated 5G use cases, shaping new connected society experiences.”

Amdocs CatalogONE is one of the building blocks of CES20, Amdocs’ new cloud-native and microservices-based customer experience suite. It enables end customers to benefit from more frequent service innovation and updated plans and bundles, as well as more market-driven promotions, such as offerings around special events and new 5G features, tailored for specific customer segments and sales channels.

With a centralized view of all products and services and advanced user interface, collaboration platform and approvals and notification management capabilities, the simple-to-use Amdocs CatalogONE allows business and marketing users to manage the offering lifecycle and create frequent configuration updates.

To be deployed on the cloud, it will enable KT and Amdocs teams to efficiently collaborate and handle multiple business requests in parallel. Having previously deployed Amdocs’ real-time convergent charging solution, KT will be able to further accelerate its ability to introduce and monetize new 5G consumer and enterprise offerings.