KT deploys GiGA Internet using copper lines in Boston

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KT has signed an MOU for the Boston Digital Equity Project with Internet service company netBlazr and the city of Boston. With this MOU, KT will launch GiGA Wire service in Boston.

KT’s GiGA Wire offers a speed up to 1Gbps with using only copper lines instead of optical cables. The HBS (Harvard Business School) Case Method (Korea Telecom: Building a GiGAtopia) introduced GiGA Wire as one of the three main GiGA technologies with GiGA Wi-Fi and GiGA LTE.

Many buildings in Boston are over a hundred years old and create a classic atmosphere, which are loved by numerous tourists. However, it was not easy to improve the network infrastructure due to the outdated buildings. Once KT’s GiGA Wire is established, Boston will have an advanced Internet environment.

According to the MOU, the GiGA Wire test network will be imbedded in Boston. For the trial service, KT provides its advanced GiGA Wire technology including equipment and knowhow. City of Boston selects target areas and supervises the project. netBlazr, the Internet Service Provider designated by Boston, constructs, operates, and maintains equipment and handles customer service. The trial service of GiGA Wire is planning to provide 100 to 150 low-income households in Boston by this autumn.

The MOU is part of the Boston Digital Equity Project which is one of the key policies of Boston. The purpose of Boston Digital Equity Project is to provide Internet service equally to everyone regardless of gender, race, income, or educational background. Boston is expecting that KT’s GiGA Wire will greatly contribute to the goal of project.

KT CTO & Senior Executive Vice President Dong- Myun Lee said, “KT’s GiGA Wire is being provided to Boston because our advanced ICT is recognized by the U.S. that opened up the telecommunication era. We will keep developing human-centered innovative technology such as GiGA Wire to strengthen our global market status.”