Kroo Brings 5G Connectivity to Panda Express Rooftops


Kroo, a national provider of 5G connectivity solutions for commercial real estate (CRE), announced an exclusive multi-year agreement with Panda Express delivering 5G technology and long-term value to locations, guests, and communities through their rooftops.

The high-tech assets allow Panda to be a community hub and deliver connectivity to underserved communities, furthering the restaurant brand’s commitment to build positive and meaningful connections with its guests. “Panda Express is continuously seeking ways to contribute to the communities we serve,” said Roger Goldstein, Executive Director of Facilities at Panda Restaurant Group. “Enhanced 5G cell service for our guests and surrounding neighbors is a win-win for our stores, associates and our greater community.”

”FCC approval of CBRS, dubbed ‘the innovation band’, opened up the ability for anyone to build a wireless network without a spectrum license, creating an opportunity for real estate owners to leverage their rooftop and increase revenue on their properties. The U.S. has 1.6 million investor owned/tenant occupied structures, with rooftops that are suitable for cellular deployments. With the opening of CBRS and the addition of 5G technology, property owners, including Panda Express, will become the lowest cost owners/operators of wireless infrastructure and help close the digital divide,” said Frank Tucker, Co-Founder & CEO, Kroo.

Panda Express, a Subsidiary of Panda Restaurant Group, Inc., is the largest Asian dining concept in the U.S., with over 2,400 locations it is the largest Asian-segment restaurant chain in the United States.

Panda Express restaurants operates units in many environments and formats, including stand-alone restaurants, as well as shopping malls, universities, casinos, airports, military bases, and amusement parks.

This portfolio of properties contains well-suited rooftops for their own network and potential service providers as part of their 5G wireless deployments.

As the connectivity partner, Kroo builds and manages network solutions, providing opportunities and long-term value for CREs in multiple markets, including retail. “We are excited for the opportunity to work with Panda Express, as we are expediting phase 1 trial build by year end. We have put together a team of best-in-class partners who are more than up to the task with respect to the design, build and operation of our network,” said Matthew Glass, Co-Founder & COO, Kroo.

Kroo is the rooftop infrastructure connectivity partner, helping real estate owners benefit from the power of 5G. Kroo brings long-term value to owners and their community delivering 5G on rooftops, expanding the broader 5G community and narrowing the digital divide.