KPN accelerating FttH Roll-out to 1 million new households

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KPN is accelerating rollout of fiber (FttH) in the Netherlands, starting rollout works in Zwolle North-East. Over the year, KPN expects to connect an average of 6,500 households per week with fiber.

By the end of 2021 around 1 million extra addresses and, in total more than 40% of Dutch households, will have access to the network of the future.

“Today, we start the accelerated rollout with the aim of connecting another 1 million households within three years to fiber, the network of the future,” says Babak Fouladi, Chief Technology and Digital Officer at KPN. “This will allow us to serve our customers better and give them access to a rapid gigabit connection that is also stable and fast during busy periods, thanks to the superior infrastructure.”

Customers are placing ever higher demands on their fixed internet connection. That is why KPN is accelerating its rollout of fiber optics, starting in Arnhem’s Spijkerkwartier, De Biezen in Dongen, in Helvoirt and in Zwolle North-East. Only a fiber connection makes uploading files as quick as downloading. Currently, KPN has connected around 30% of households in the Netherlands to its fiber optic network, which is more than 2.3 million addresses.

KPN NetwerkNL is responsible for the installation and management of KPN’s fixed network. Since it is an open network, in addition to KPN, other providers can offer services via this network. The rollout will take place throughout the Netherlands. Residents will be informed in advance when work will start in their municipality. Households in Zwolle North-East that will be connected to the fiber network are expect to receive their services from this network starting April 2019.

Finalizing fiber to the curb rollout

In addition to the accelerated connection of households to fiber (FTTH), in 2019 KPN will complete the program of Fiber to the Curb in the Netherlands. This program will bring fiber even closer to the customer and makes it possible to improve internet speed and user experience for around 500,000 Dutch households.