Kista Mobility Day | Ericsson at the epicenter of Sweden’s digital future

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Ericsson and its innovation partners at Kista Mobility Day in Sweden are showing that the future, and what’s possible with 5G connectivity, is just around the corner.

Until recently, smart, sustainable cities and autonomous vehicles seemed like a dream but 5G connectivity is making the future a reality. At Kista Mobility Day, a technology event that showcases how 5G connectivity is impacting society, visitors got a closer look at range of 5G use cases from autonomous vehicles, geofences and drones, to virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Along with City of Stockholm, Drive Sweden, Urban ICT Arena and Viable Cities, Ericsson is one of the main sponsors of the event which takes place at the doorstep of its global headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

“With 5G, everything that can benefit from being connected will be,” says Ericsson’s President and CEO, Börje Ekholm. “That’s why 5G will be just as import to national infrastructure as railroads, highways and power grids.”

5G is also a powerful platform for innovation says Ekholm says and when its capabilities are made available to entrepreneurs and innovators, great things start to happen.

One of the use cases made possible by an exponential improvement in connectivity and latency is the autonomous transport ecosystem. In 2018, Swedish-based Einride, introduced a remote ­controlled, battery-driven, transport vehicle that aims to help reduce greenhouse emissions in Sweden by 40 percent. The T-Pod is Einride’s autonomous vehicle which they demonstrated for the general public during Kista Mobility Day.

The industrial technology firm, ABB, is another innovation partner to Ericsson and at Kista Mobility Day they showcased their latest robotics solutions. In April of 2019, Ericsson and ABB signed a partnership to accelerate the industrial ecosystem to realize Industry 4.0. Intelligent automation systems are already deployed at Ericsson’s manufacturing facilities in Tallinn, Estonia, using a flexible robot cell solution from ABB.

“We are certain that innovative companies of the future are going to be built on 5G technology,” Ekholm says. “That is why it is so incredibly important for countries to launch 5G as early as possible.”

Ericsson is the leader in 5G with 21 announced 5G contracts of which 8 are already live – primarily n Asia and the USA.