How Keysight Technologies is Unlocking Measurement Insights


Clear actionable knowledge about key measurement insights on telecom network and products hold great potential to unlocking the true potential in the telecoms space

As telecom operators and ISPs look towards next generation technological advancements, they need to continuously invest in deliver the right quality of experience for their set of customers. This is where they need the right testing tools and mechanism in place in order to measure their strengths and weaknesses of their network.

Keeping these requirements in mind, Keysight Technologies has been focusing towards unlocking the measurement insights for the telecom operator community and create innovative solutions that help an operator gain better network insights on a continuous basis.


According to Sudhir Tangri, Country General Manager, Keysight Technologies India, Keysight Technologies provides solutions to a variety of industries—communications, aerospace, defense, industrial, computers, semiconductors—through a large number of product families.

“Our solutions include network analyzers, spectrum or signal analyzers, general-purpose electronic instruments, one-box testers, radio frequency (RF) and microwave (μW) signal generators, oscilloscopes, electronic design automation (EDA) software, and in-circuit/parametric testers. Our key focus areas are Communications, Aerospace and Defense, and Industrial, Computer and Semiconductor segments,” he explains.

Keysight solutions are not limited towards the operator or the ISP community and in fact the company has specific solutions for communications, handset and base station manufacturers along with chipset developers and network operators depend on our equipment to help design, prototype, test, manufacture, install, and maintain their products.

“More than half of the approximately 1.4 billion cell phones made and sold each year are designed and tested with Keysight products. With Keysight engineers actively participating in standards groups, our products accelerate the design and test of the latest advancements in communication technologies and next-generation intelligent optical networks. Ultimately, our products help manufacturers ensure that new handsets and services provide a positive user experience,” he adds on.

As far as the segments of aerospace and defense are concerned, the company’s products are used to design and test electronic systems utilized in avionics, radar, electronic warfare, military communications, satellites, guidance navigation, and GPS. “Customers in this segment must stay ahead of evolving or emerging technologies, and our products reduce the total cost of design and test while delivering leading-edge measurement capability,” he explained.

“In the industrial, computer and semiconductor segment, our products have far-reaching applications: alternative sources of energy, automotive electronics, power management, and more. These products also address the development lifecycle, from parametric test of semiconductor wafers, to functional test of printed circuit boards, to final testing of complete systems,” Sudhir adds on.

“Our high-speed digital solution set is a range of essential tools—for measurement and simulation—that will help cut through the challenges of gigabit digital designs. These tools provide views into the time and frequency domains, revealing the underlying problems and ensuring compliant designs. Our products tuned for the latest high-speed digital devices and interfaces allow developers to push the speed and performance limits of the latest technologies while ensuring conformance with industry standards,” he explains.

With the fast paced change in business dynamics of telecoms space, it is becoming extremely important for the telecom ecosystem to maintain their quality of service and product performance capability. This is where such test and measurement solutions can help organizations create their own winning turf.