Keysight Joins Si2 TITAN Initiative


Keysight Technologies, Inc., a technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions to help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced it recently joined the Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) Technology Interoperability Trajectory Advisory Council (TITAN).

TITAN is a thought leadership forum focused on accelerating ecosystem collaboration with technology interoperability for silicon-to-system success.

Keysight’s leaders participate in the TITAN executive council and its subcommittees, known as “satellites.” Niels Faché, vice president and general manager for Keysight’s PathWave Software Solutions, joins the 15- member TITAN executive council. Technical leaders from Keysight will contribute their expertise to three TITAN satellites, including the secure processed data application programming interface (SPEED API), 2.5D/3D-IC design interoperability, and multi-vendor data management workflows (DMW).

“Si2 creates innovative, industry-driven electronic design automation (EDA) tools and system interoperability initiatives that serve our customers in the semiconductor and electronics systems industries,” said Faché. “Our customers face IC, board and system-level integration challenges as the industry transitions to higher-speed, complex designs and the smaller process geometries required to extend Moore’s Law and accelerate ‘More-than-Moore’ trends. Our TITAN membership reflects Keysight’s commitment to contribute to technology interoperability and support industry standards within our PathWave tools and workflows.”

TITAN’s primary goal is to accelerate time to results and market by fostering innovation through industry collaboration. The council explores technology interoperability gaps between EDA suppliers, cloud providers, foundries, semiconductor and emerging silicon-to-system companies. It builds industry consensus on workflow interoperability and advises the Si2 board of directors on high-level trends and solutions. TITAN also bridges established Si2 programs such as the OpenAccess, Compact Model and Open Standards Coalitions and Special Interest Groups.

Keysight has a long history of active participation in Si2 programs,” said John Ellis, Si2 president and CEO. “As Si2 extends into systems, Keysight brings an important perspective to TITAN from its vertical market expertise in delivering software-centric solutions that address radio frequency and microwave applications. Keysight’s experience driving advanced 5G wireless standards and anticipation of forthcoming 6G standards, through the design, test, measurement and manufacturing development phases makes Keysight an important partner in tackling the vertical interoperability challenges ahead.”