Kerlink, SenRa Deploying Smart-City Networks in India to Reach Goal of 100 Cities in 2020

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Kerlink, a specialist and global leader in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and SenRa, a PAN India Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) provider for long-range-based (LoRa®-based) IoT applications, today announced their partnership to reach a target of 100 smart-city networks in India by the end of 2020.

Building on a smart-city initiative launched by SenRa, called Smart City Mission, the new roll outs will rely on Kerlink products and solutions. These include the company’s new industrial-grade WirnetTM iStation with fully integrated internal antennas and 4G backhaul connectivity, and Wirnet iFemtoCell gateway, designed for deep indoor applications.

The collaboration was announced during LoRaWAN® Live in New Delhi, a full-day event focused on advancing business opportunities in the IoT and highlighting why LoRaWAN® is widely recognized as the de facto LPWAN technology.

“Kerlink is a global leader in delivering high-performance, robust and reliable IoT networks in any environmental conditions, including India’s monsoon season,” said SenRa CEO & founder Ali Hosseini. “In addition, the company’s package of highly consistent, future-proof and compact range of solutions enables quick network deployment, update and overall operation.”

“Combined with Kerlink Wanesy Management Center as a network management suite, Wirnet iStation is a unique, robust, and reliable connectivity solution with powerful remote-management features,” said Girish Dadheech, vice president of Kerlink India. “This combination allows large and small municipalities to quickly and continuously experience the benefits of a smart-city applications tailored to their specific IoT network goals.”

India Government’s Smart City Mission was launched to create a more sustainable and citizen-friendly India. SenRa’s LoRaWAN® networks are dedicated to supporting smart city projects such as parking, waste management, street lighting, and utilities. SenRa and Kerlink are on track to deploy public LoRaWAN® networks in 100 cities by the end of 2020, building on SenRa’s earlier deployments this year.

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