KDDI Taps Zadara for Enterprise Multi-Cloud Storage Services

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KDDI Corporation, one of Japan’s largest telecommunications providers, has added Zadara’s cloud storage to its product portfolio.

KDDI will leverage Zadara’s storage-as-a-service (STaaS) platform to provide its enterprise customers with a 100% OpEx storage solution as a fully managed service – with no significant up-front expenses.

“KDDI is excited to launch Zadara Cloud Storage in Tokyo. Since Zadara’s cloud storage is provided as a service, it is continuously upgraded to the state-of-the-art technology,” said Toru Maruta, Executive Officer, Head of Product Management, Service Planning and Development Division for KDDI. “We are equally excited to partner with Zadara who brings a vast knowledge of the storage industry and a world-class engineering team. We believe this partnership will help us accelerate the 5G-enabled cloud service experience to our customers in Japan.”

A Global Fortune 500 company, KDDI Corporation provides a broad range of services – including data centers, networks, content delivery and system integration – to customers worldwide. Founded in 1984, KDDI has grown to become one of Japan’s largest telecom organizations delivering broadband networks to business customers, and also has more than 40 million users on their au mobile carrier business.

The partnership with Zadara will enable KDDI to provide its network customers with a storage solution that is easily scalable and provides high availability with no planned downtime. A main benefit of the Zadara STaaS model is that it removes the guesswork about how much storage is needed. At any time, customers can simply dial-up or dial-down the amount of storage they need on demand, without any penalties or hidden fees. Zadara’s technology platform offers enterprise-class speed, security and scalability. The solution supports any data type, any protocol and any location.

Zadara Cloud Services prevents cloud lock-in and enables KDDI customers to benefit from:

True Multi-Cloud Experience: Leveraging the best features of each public cloud using the same data set
Security and Governance: Offering best-in-class security and governance thanks to dedicated, cloud-adjacent resources; soon available in multiple regions
Simultaneous Access: Avoiding time-consuming and expensive data transfers among clouds

“As flexibility has increasingly become business-critical, consumption-based infrastructure solutions are in demand,” said Zadara CEO Nelson Nahum. “We are pleased that KDDI has selected Zadara’s Cloud Services to provide essential storage infrastructure solutions – and we look forward to expanding our relationship with them in the future.”

KDDI’s new STaaS offering will be available for its customers starting as early as November 2020. Zadara’s cloud storage offering is expected to be rolled out to enterprise customers in Japan by 2021.