KDDI Open Innovation Fund 3 Invests in Big-Data Integration, GeoSpock


KDDI CORPORATION has announced its investment in GeoSpock Ltd., a developer and provider of large-scale data integration and analysis platforms.

The investment is to be made through KDDI Open Innovation Fund 3 (KOIF3, operated by Global Brain Corp.), a fund that invests in venture firms that hold promise for generating synergy with KDDI group companies in the coming 5G era.

GeoSpock owns proprietary data processing technology that enables analysis of up to 1 trillion spatio-temporal data records with response times of a few seconds. This provides instantaneous analysis and visibility of enormous bodies of spatio-temporal data, enabling artificial intelligence (AI) to construct models using data sets of a scale never before possible.

The investment is being made through a network of venture firms owned by KDDI group companies, as well as the Supership DataMarketing Fund Program, an investment program designed to put knowledge and experience to optimum use, and engages in projects aimed at business collaborations with KDDI group company Supership Inc.

The investment in GeoSpock will make it possible to utilize the spatio-temporal data processing technology of GeoSpock to build data platforms capable of the instantaneous data processing expected to increase in the near future. This, in turn, will enable us to support corporate customers with IoT, mobility and other areas of advanced, innovative business activity.

As KDDI Group works to achieve its goal of integrating telecommunications and life design, we will serve as a company that is always offering exciting new ideas. In this case we are doing so by generating new value of experience through investments to promote business collaborations on start-up firms developing services on a global scale.