Juniper Networks Unveils Latest Apstra Software

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, an enabler in secure, AI-driven networks, has announced new Juniper® Apstra® capabilities that enhance operator experiences to facilitate the deployment and operations of private data center infrastructures.

With the introduction of new experience-first data center features, including simplified data collection and visualization via graph databases, tighter flow data integration from multivendor switches and automated provisioning via Terraform, Juniper customers can continue to leverage Apstra as the premier solution for intent-based networking and automated data center assurance with even more management capabilities that make private data centers as flexible and agile to operate as cloud-based infrastructures.

Juniper Networks

Budget constraints, skills shortages and increasing complexity continue to drive the need for automated data center operations. As the pioneer of intent-based networking, Juniper Apstra provides exceptional value by automating and validating the design, deployment and operation of multivendor data center networks. In addition, it provides a single source of truth for predicting, analyzing and troubleshooting ongoing operations. With the latest release of Apstra software, Juniper customers and partners get even more value, which includes:

Simple data collection and visualization. Building on Apstra’s powerful, unique graph database, users can now easily customize intent-based analytics probes for telemetry and visibility into network operations, then easily explore and visualize the data using the new database query interface included in Apstra 4.2.0. The easy-to-use, no-code user interface enables new users to easily query and explore the database while allowing experienced users to write customized graph queries.

Complete network visibility with integrated flow data. Multivendor flow data through Apstra provides granular visibility for in-depth analysis and insights into the application traffic flows traversing the network without the complexity and cost of a separate monitoring system. When paired with Apstra’s telemetry and analytics features, these capabilities simplify and speed troubleshooting, enable better performance management, capacity planning and cost control, and improve security and compliance – regardless of vendor.

Automated and streamlined network provisioning with Terraform. Companies currently using the Terraform infrastructure-as-code (IaC) platform to automate their public cloud deployments can now use the Terraform provider for Apstra to automatically push configurations to the data center through Apstra without any API programming. By simplifying network operations, Terraform and Apstra accelerate the delivery of new services, giving organizations a data center solution modeled after the simplicity and agility of the cloud.

When these features are coupled with Apstra’s existing intent-based networking capabilities and Juniper Validated Designs, organizations can simplify and standardize data center architectures to achieve hyperscaler-like efficiencies. These latest capabilities further Apstra’s vision to deliver full lifecycle data center management with multivendor support through a powerful intent-based networking foundation.

“As business demands intensify, organizations need accessible and intuitive solutions that enable IT professionals to manage data centers with the utmost reliability by taking away the complexity,” said Mansour Karam, VP of Product Management at Juniper Networks. “Building on our commitment to user-friendly data center networks that prioritize automation and agility, Apstra’s new capabilities enable private clouds to be simply designed, deployed and operated while effortlessly fitting into an organization’s broader IT operations.”

“In today’s landscape, data center operations play a crucial role in delivering business value as organizations prioritize accelerated delivery of data in full accord with managing costs and scaling flexibly. Now more than ever, organizations require more simple and agile network operations across their evolving use cases in both public and private infrastructures. Apstra remains the only multivendor, intent-based networking solution on the market, empowering Juniper to deliver breakthrough performance in day 2+ operations with built-in cloud-like levels of efficiency,” said, Ron Westfall, Research Director, Futurum.

“As a worldwide system integrator, Atos offers our clients the flexibility to swiftly transform, adapt and innovate within their businesses. Apstra’s new augmented automation capabilities and intuitive design will help us easily navigate and configure our data center networks, reduce complexities and save time. Moreover, we support customers across a variety of industries and, occasionally, requirements dictate different network architectures. The ability to seamless integrate with other data center management tools and services will allow us to leverage technologies that best serve the needs of each customer,” said, Lee Wright, VP CTO Infrastructure, Atos.

Juniper has enabled Raiffeisen Informatik’s digital innovation journey, increased operational efficiency and allowed Raiffeisen Informatik to streamline our engineering efforts despite market-wide personnel constraints. Apstra evolved our data center operations while delivering standardized network services that efficiently support banking needs. With reliable automation, we can focus on strategic initiatives vital for talent retention in a competitive market. Moreover, Apstra’s multivendor compatibility aligns with our preference for open architectures. Apstra, together with Juniper switching, we found a perfect synergy that supported our desired strategy,” commented, Ernest Altbart, IT Architect, Raiffeisen Informatik.