JMA Wireless Announces Antenna Enhancements Across Major Product Lines

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JMA Wireless, a global enabler of communication solutions, announced multiple advancements to their portfolio of antenna products.

The upgraded offerings include innovative new models supporting both licensed and unlicensed spectrum, addressing the needs of today’s mobile network operators.

As mobile networks evolve, supporting antenna solutions must evolve in parallel, supporting both emerging unlicensed bands and future 5G NR technology. JMA’s Antenna Portfolio currently delivers the crucial link between customer devices and cellular networks worldwide. Enhancements will improve network operator performance, increase customer satisfaction, and support new technology enhancements at pace with market needs.

New editions to JMA’s antennas feature enhanced spectrum support including CBRS and LAA, providing a balanced approach to greater capacity and performance.

Stadium/Venue Antennas

Specifically designed to support high-density sports & entertainment venues
A slim form factor encompassing 617 MHz -6GHz, 4×4 MIMO, 10&12 port design
New under seat models to support all licensed and unlicensed bands
Small Cell Antennas

Narrow cylinder form factor models available from < 3 – 5.88 cubic feet
Remote electrical tilt on high band with higher gain and improved SINR (signal to noise ratio)
2’ 18 Port & 4’ 36 Port Models now support 698MHz-6GHz
In-Building Antennas

Low profile enhanced aesthetics
Coverage for CBRS, LAA – supporting 617MHz-6GHz
3D pattern modeling providing accurate data for all ports
SISO & MIMO packages
Optimized OMNI pattern performance & coverage
Macro Antennas

MX line supports LTE as well as the evolution to 5G
Efficient Hexport configuration
FRO Technology improving electrical performance, cost and space needs
Support more active users with less spectrum per site

JMA Wireless designs and builds next generation in-building and outdoor mobile wireless systems, delivering the industry’s most powerful technologies that enable LTE, 5G, and CBRS services on mobile operator networks worldwide.

JMA Wireless’ XRAN™ leads the industry with the only 100 percent virtualized RAN platform, combined with its TEKO, NWAV, and RF distribution technologies.