Jeeva Wireless Targets Consumables Supply Chain Automation


Backscatter communications enabler Jeeva Wireless has revealed two new SBIR grant awards and announced availability of an initial evaluation license along with a hardware/software kit for prospective customers to assess the firm’s patented technology platform.

“With the release of our technology evaluation kit, we’re excited to be able to offer our partners premier access to this game-changing platform,” said Jeeva’s CEO Scott Bright. “The ability to economically connect everyday objects to the ‘Internet of Everything’ means we can help fast-moving goods manufacturers create more efficient supply chains. Jeeva’s passive backscatter radio technology can enable battery-free, disposable sensors to provide real-time, unit-level data generated directly by products and packaging at the point of use and throughout the entire distribution path. By monitoring consumption rates and tracking inventory location and velocity, suppliers can now offer services like automated replenishment, expiration tracking, FIFO queueing, and environmental parameter monitoring. As well, the benefits of deploying this capability in consumable products include protection against counterfeiting and substitution and can aid in loss prevention of high value items.”

According to Jeeva Co-Founder and V.P. of Product, Aaron Parks: “Continued ongoing support from the National Science Foundation has been crucial to Jeeva’s story, helping us bring what started as a lab experiment all the way to commercial readiness. This new award will let us quickly ramp up a solution to some very real and specific customer needs.” The latest grant, an add-on to Jeeva’s ongoing Phase II SBIR award, will help Jeeva bring this technology into hospitals and health clinics in the form of inventory intelligence systems for fast-moving medical supplies such as boxes of disposable gloves, masks, tubing, and syringes. Jeeva’s technology will help track location, usage state, expiration date, and other parameters of inventory items. The system will present key insights to operational staff to increase efficiency of procurement and re-stocking processes and will minimize waste from misplaced or expired items.

Jeeva’s newly awarded Phase I SBIR from NASA supports the integration of precise synchronization and timestamping of distributed low-power wireless sensors. This capability is needed by NASA for flight test and avionics equipment, although the additional features will also be more broadly applicable to Jeeva’s core products, helping scale the size and enhance the sensing capabilities of backscatter passive radio networks used in smart supply chain systems.

Jeeva Wireless is reimagining connectivity to revolutionize the way devices communicate. Co-founded in 2015 by two Professors and three Ph.D. students from the University of Washington, Jeeva is building patented passive backscatter RF modulation and energy harvesting platforms that allow devices to communicate over standard wireless protocols while using1,000 times less power than conventional radios at an order of magnitude lower cost.