Japan’s Wi2 Taps Ruckus to Deliver High-Performance Wi-Fi for JR-West Shinkansen Passengers


Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, has announced its wireless LAN access points are being used for the Wi-Fi service offered on JR-West Shinkansen passenger cars. The service is provided by the Tokyo-based Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd.

The West Japan Railway Company has implemented this service to meet the demand for reliable internet connectivity while traveling on the Shinkansen. The free Wi-Fi service, called Shinkansen Free Wi-Fi, has been implemented on the Tokaido, Sanyo, and Kyushu Shinkansen routes. The JR-West Free Wi-Fi is available on the Hokuriku Shinkansen route.

Free Wi-Fi connectivity on the Shinkansen will enable residents and visitors to use search engines and connect via social media channels on their smartphones, as well as check email and prepare documents on their wireless devices.

“We installed Ruckus equipment because it exceeded the installation requirements for the Shinkansen with excellent vibration resistance, and it is compatible with the railway standard EN 50155 certification,” said Naoto Komatsu, Technology Officer, Wi2. “Ruckus also helped us solve installation challenges with the unique compact design of its access points. We appreciate our partnership with Ruckus to enable constant connectivity for our users.”

“Ruckus technology brings high-quality connectivity for the best user communication experience,” said Ian Whiting, President of Ruckus Networks. “We are excited for this opportunity to partner with Wi2 to provide seamless connectivity onboard the Shinkansen, a symbol of Japan’s leading transportation system.”

Japan has welcomed more than 15 million travelers from abroad in 2018, which represents a 15.5 percent increase over last year. Those numbers are expected to grow in the future. More than 54 percent of travelers indicated that they use, or would like to use, free Wi-Fi services, and nearly 17 percent have expressed dissatisfaction with similar services in Japan.

With this data, the use of Ruckus solutions to power Wi-Fi connectivity onboard the Shinkansen meets travelers looking for reliable Wi-Fi services, helping to improve user satisfaction.

Ruckus is committed to designing and deploying wireless LAN environments that are convenient and hassle-free for users.