ITU Telecom World 2019 | Huawei Showcases Ultra-Lean Site Solution


At the ITU Telecom World 2019 hosted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Huawei held a “5G+Gigabit, Connecting an Intelligent Future” Forum, explaining the new breakthroughs achieved by Huawei’s 5G ultra-lean site solution.

These breakthroughs have overcome the five major limits of site deployment, enabling mobile network operators to tackle the challenges of dramatic investment and operation cost increases while also achieving rapid 5G deployment and business success.

Geng Fei, Vice President of Huawei’s Wireless and Cloud Core Network Marketing Solution Sales Department, said: “Owing to continuous breakthroughs and innovations, Huawei offers simplified, green, and evolvable 5G site solutions. The latest breakthroughs in overcoming the five limits of experience, antenna integration, energy efficiency, zero-footprint deployment, and indoor coverage will prove an essential catalyst for empowering mobile network operators to simplify site structure, reduce site TCO, and protect investment. They will enable the creation of a robust foundation for the successful commercial adoption of 5G networks.”

Huawei Geng Fei: ultra-lean site achieves five breakthroughs to enable fast 5G deployment

•Experience: Thanks to Huawei’s proprietary 7-nm base station chips, antenna arrays featuring ultra-high integration, all-new ceramic filters, and innovative heat dissipation design, the processing units of active antennas (Massive MIMO AAUs) are smaller, lighter, and allow for lower power consumption. This will encourage mobile network operators to build ubiquitous Gbit/s networks and deliver premium experience for 5G users.
•Antennas: Huawei offers scenario-specific antenna platforms and introduces a series of innovative designs, including multi-layer air elements and cluster ports, to overcome the limits of antenna integration. This significantly reduces antenna installation space and enables a single antenna to support all sub-3 GHz bands for 2G, 3G, and 4G services. Mobile network operators can achieve site deployment with less reconstruction, sharply decreasing site operation costs.
•Energy consumption: Huawei achieves new breakthroughs by utilizing coordinated energy conservation solutions at the module, site, and network levels for 5G networks. The innovative PowerStar solution enables coordinated energy consumption on multiple bands for various radio access technologies, which reduces site energy consumption by 15% or above, promoting sustainable and green 5G development.
•Site acquisition: Passive antennas and 5G AAUs are integrated into a single innovative antenna. Huawei’s Super Blade Site solution utilizes modular outdoor BBUs, blade power supplies, and blade batteries to achieve full-outdoor macro deployment without the need for cabinets and equipment rooms. 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks can be deployed on a single pole, achieving zero-site deployment. Huawei also offers 5G smart pole site solutions, enabling mobile network operators to address site acquisition challenges, flexibly eliminate coverage holes, and increase capacity for hotspot areas at a lower cost.
•Indoor coverage: Huawei offers a series of digital indoor system (DIS) solutions supporting 4G and 5G integration and 4T4R deployment, which allows 5G terminals to maximize their Gbit/s peak rate potential in indoor scenarios, overcoming the limits of 5G indoor coverage.

Huawei also released the 5G Ultra-Lean Site White Paper, elaborating on site evolution trends and overall 5G deployment strategies based on its understanding of user scenarios and innovative site solutions.

This white paper paints a comprehensive picture of scenario-specific 5G ultra-lean site solutions dedicated to 5G target networks from a wide range of perspectives, including site resource sharing and efficiency improvement, legacy site evolution to 5G, new 5G site construction, and 5G indoor coverage.