Italy’s Open Fiber Launches 10 Gigabit Speeds

Open Fiber Logo

Open Fiber launches the new commercial offer, available on the entire national network, of the XGS-PON (10Giga symmetric) broadband access service for its operators , with which it is possible to reach an access speed at 10 Gbps , which is 100 times 100 Mbps.

The new service involves the use of Open Fiber’s FTTH access infrastructure, which is the largest in the country, to bring home to Italians a connection with very high performance both in downstream and upstream.

The first experimentation in the field of the service dates back to over two years ago, when the company successfully tested this new technology on its Milan network. For its introduction, no intervention was required on the passive network but simply an update of the terminal at the customer’s and of the electronics in the Open Fiber plant already natively prepared for the start of the service.

To support such a high-performance access network, Open Fiber – which is the third largest operator in Europe for FTTH coverage – has developed and put into operation a transmission backbone that is the most technologically advanced in the country. Proof of this is the achievement of 800 Gbps per optical channel last year.

“Once again – underlines Simone Bonannini, Open Fiber Marketing and Commercial Director – Open Fiber confirms itself as a technological champion capable of responding and anticipating the needs of the ultra-broadband market, citizens, businesses and public administration, for development of the country and for technological innovation. The scalability of networks made entirely of optical fiber is the real strength of our commercial proposal. The 10Gigabit / s service is another milestone that adds to the many already achieved by the company and allows us to open up new scenarios guaranteeing Italy a place among the most technologically advanced countries in the European and world scenario “.

Open Fiber was created to build an ultra-broadband fiber optic (FTTH) network infrastructure throughout the country. The goal is to ensure coverage of the main Italian cities and the connection of rural areas through a 1 Gbps FTTH (Fiber To The Home) network, providing increasingly advanced services and functions for citizens, businesses.

Open Fiber is a wholesale-only operator, it does not sell fiber optic services directly to the end customer, but makes its infrastructure available to all interested operators on equal terms. With nearly 11.5 million ultra-broadband real estate units already connected, Open Fiber is the third European provider of FTTH (Fiber To The Home) connectivity and the largest wholesale-only operator .