Italy’s Blusky Selects RADWIN JET PtMP to Drive Broadband Connectivity


RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, has announced that BLUSKY, a wireless ISP in Italy’s Umbria region, has deployed RADWIN JET AIR Beamforming Point-to-Multipoint solutions in the 5.x GHz band to deliver high speed broadband of up to 100 Mbps to enterprise and residential customers. SELIT, a system integrator, was in charge of project implementation.

Roberto Bartolini, A.D. BLUSKY, explained, “We tested many wireless broadband devices and JET outperformed all other radio equipment. We operate in a large area where there is massive use of wireless equipment and frequently many base stations from different vendors are all concentrated on the same tower. In spite of the high radio pollution, thanks to JET’s Beamforming technology, RADWIN’s systems deliver high throughput and operate non-stop even in non-line-of-sight scenarios and over water.”

Concluded Bartolini: “With JET, we’re fulfilling the needs of residential and business customers who use services such as 4K video streaming, real-time online gaming and triple play. Thanks to the progress achieved in wireless technologies, we’ve found that fixed wireless broadband is a viable alternative to fiber.”

Massimo Mancinelli, Sole Administrator of SELIT, said, “Selit is a company with extensive experience in professional telecommunications and our goal is to provide high-end solutions to ISP and WISP operators. JET is equipped with advanced technologies such as Bi-directional Beamforming and GPS Synchronization, making these carrier-class radios unbeatable in face of the toughest conditions. This is why we are proud to offer RADWIN’s products to our customers.”

Raymond Forado, RADWIN GM Europe, explained, “The RADWIN JET PtMP Series was engineered with service providers in mind, empowering them to deliver top-notch service and facilitate fast network rollout and easy scalability. For discerning service providers who seek highest performance and stability, JET is the right solution.”

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