Italtel Achieves Advanced Partner AWS Certification

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Italtel has become ‘Advanced Partner’ of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network and achieved, together with its parent company Exprivia, the ‘Solution Provider’ certification programs that allow the Italian ICT multinational to create solutions and services through one of the most complete and used cloud technology in the world.

The certifications are extended to all companies of the group, which can now lead the ‘cloud journery’ of their clients in both the Commercial and Public Sectors in Europe and the UK.

Italtel has relationships and collaborations with world-class cloud providers: the partnership with AWS is an important addition to its Public Cloud strategy.

The recent opening of AWS’s Italian Region in Milan, with servers physically located in our country, is an important opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation of various industrial sectors and the Italian public administration.

Italtel relies also on a valid ecosystem of technological partners with distinctive specialization and know-how related to the cloud, from application migration tools to backup and recovery solutions, and it is able to propose tailored paths based on the specific needs of each customer.

“Today companies need a consulting-strategic approach in order to understand their digital maturity and develop the right awareness of cloud adoption,” says Gerardo Del Vecchio, Head Partner Ecosystem and Open Innovation at Italtel. “Migration processes are based on careful planning and must be designed according to the type of architecture companies want to create. Together with AWS and our partners, we can guide them in the process of transformation to the cloud”.

The first step is an accurate assessment of the IT environment, starting from hardware and software platforms up to applications that, in order to operate safely and at maximum effectiveness in new cloud environments, often have to undergo a re-design process.

Italtel, in collaboration with Exprivia, has more than 50 professionals trained in AWS cloud topics with specialties in Advanced Networking and Machine Learning, has solid expertise in system integration, development of cloud-native products with devops method and references for implementations in private, public and hybrid-cloud environments.