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With an aim to drive innovation that is meaningful and can enable positive change – Israel Export Institute has been playing a unique role towards encouraging organizations towards enabling and sustaining innovation.

Adiv Baruch, Chairman, Israel Export Institute speaks with about the importance of innovation and how Israel export Institute is enabling innovation on the global turf.

How is the Israel Export Institute encouraging organizations in terms of creating and sustaining innovation on global turf?

We at the Export institute look to the future, examining the challenges the world is going to face. We then work to present the Israeli technologies and solutions that will provide the appropriate response to these challenges.

Our experts know the industry and understand the business needs. With access to all major trade and business resources, we can help screen relevant information, establish qualified contacts, and foster success.

And through our cooperation with the various missions of the Foreign Trade Administration (FTA) deployed and operating around the world, we have a wide perspective and the ability to listen and understand the needs of the world.

Israel is a nation of innovation – we have the ability to develop products which do the world good. Although we are not charged with encouraging innovation – there are professional governmental entities responsible for that aspect – we make sure that the innovation created in Israel is accessible to the world.

On one hand we make it possible for Israeli companies to conduct export within a professional working infrastructure, and on the other hand we provide the countries of the world with the best exposure to the Israeli industry, so it can supply them with an appropriate response for their specific challenges.

What kind of efforts are you making in order to attract young entrepreneurs at local level – to enable and help them innovate on global turf? Please share any examples of companies where the institute had played a key role.

The Israel Export Institute has a vast infrastructure of professional knowledge and experience, gained over more than 60 years of penetrating new markets.

Our extensive efforts aid in making this knowledge accessible to those young entrepreneurs:

Awareness |how to think globally, how to operate in the international arena Education |focused training programs for company executives.

Over the years, thousands of individuals have participated in the training programs organized by us. The training programs cover many fields – starting with the most basic matters of international transport and shipping, customs regulations, business English and culminating with the most complex issues of overseas marketing strategy, business intelligence and databases as a source of identifying possible partnerships and business opportunities.

National Pavilion | Each year we manages dozens of Israel’s national pavilions at leading trade shows around the world, so the Israeli exporters can promote the export of their products and technologies. Participating in the national pavilion gives companies an advantage in location, in participation costs and in gaining greater exposure.

Young companies with limited abilities can enjoy our assistance in order to participate in the world’s leading tradeshows even without a great deal of resources on their part. They receive full services for all their needs, from A to Z; and most importantly, they get to take part in B2B meetings we arrange for them in advance with potential international partners.

B2B |young startup companies can take part in business activities focused on their needs, according to predetermined market goals and the company’s potential. This activity is conducted either in a specific meeting for each company or in the framework of delegations visiting Israel or road shows abroad. we also convenes international conferences and exhibitions in Israel for industries in which Israel has global leadership.

The Israel export institute have a technology industries division and a consumer goods division, segmented by industry-specific departments and we assists companies from all the different sectors: HLS , Agro technology, Cleantech , Mobile, Dental, Fintech, Medical device and Digital Health, Digital Media, Water Technology, Cyber, Content Film TV and Music,Automotive, FoodTech, Fresh Produce and wine, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Home and Family Products, Fashion and Textiles.

How is the government supporting such initiatives? And what is the roadmap that you see for the near future?

The Israeli government is a full partner in all our activities since the day the institute was established. We are a non-profit organization, funded by the government and the private sector and we work in cooperation with all of them. We cooperate with all the relevant governmental ministries, including the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, The Innovation Authority, Digital Israel, the Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI), the Chambers of Commerce and others. This cooperation is expected to continue in the future in all the activities we have planned.

Due to this cooperation, we work in coordination with the ambassadors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the commercial attachés of the Foreign Trade Administration (FTA) of the Ministry of Economy and Industry who are deployed all around the world.
Our partnership with the government ministries is both financial and in terms of the work itself. We are in synch regarding all the needs of the Israeli industry and the solutions the world is searching for.

In review of the various entities operating in Israel in this field, we are essentially the most objective organization, committed to the business community and working together with the government in order to best serve Israeli companies.

How can global companies take advantage of unique talent in your destination? What help is being provided by the government in this direction?

The Israel Export Institute is the premier gateway for doing business with all Israeli companies currently operating in Israel. We have the knowledge and experience to map out and present the local industry in the most optimal way. We are the strategic partner to Israeli business opportunities, from formal delegations and international conferences to private one-on-one meetings. We match Israeli opportunities to the companies’ needs so they can make the most of what the market has to offer.

IEICI offers access to relevant businesses and government resources in any field. With our expertise in Israel’s leading industries, we can provide the information the international companies need in order to connect, negotiate and do business with the Israeli industry.

International companies get the chance to meet us during designated events or special events we “tailor” specifically to their needs. Our close cooperation with the missions of the Foreign Trade Administration enables us to reach key elements within international companies and allows them to come to us and discover Israeli innovation.