IQLECT: “We have brought cloud promise to real-time data analysis”


In an interaction about the confluence of cloud and real-time data analysis – Sachin Sinha, CEO & Founder of IQLECT speaks with Zia Askari from – speaks on the benefits that these solutions bring for the teleocms as well as the enterprise communities.


What are the key focus areas for the company today?

We are focusing on product development, creating solutions. We have our vertical focus on – Telco, e-commerce, BFSI segments. The priority is to add customers, scale business to new heights and also to add people to our workforce.

What is your go to market strategy for India and abroad?

We have brought cloud promise to real-time data analysis. There for product can be deployed using click of a mouse on cloud. Cloud model covers the entire world as it’s available for everyone. But this mostly for small and medium size company

a.i.    SaaS model

a.i.1. Freemium = $0

a.i.2. Basic = $279

a.i.3. Pro = $716

For enterprise customers, we have partnered with Dell to create software and hardware converged box for on-premise deployment.

b.i.   Small, Medium and Large Box

  1. As of now focus is on India market for enterprises but in coming quarter we are adding US market as well. To do this we are opening office in US as well and Sachin Sinha will also shift to US and will add key people to drive GTM in US
  2. We are also creating community around our product by providing public API as PaaS. Using this we are creating App-Store for real time data analytic solutions where thousands of developers or many companies might create different apps to solve different problems using our platform APIs. These apps could be free or with a price tag. Therefore this allows us to create a real time data analytics community around the product.

A lot of telecom operators are looking forward to integrating intelligent solutions that can deliver great insights to them. How does the company look at the opportunity in the telecoms space?

Telco has huge opportunity in terms of both market size and also from end consumer appetite size. India Telco analytics will grow from $1.6B to $4.3B from 2016 to 2019. With the increasing competitions and penetration with better available bandwidth, real time analytic is next big thing for both the providers and the end consumers.

Call Fraud is very important use case as it not only saves leakages which result into huge cost but also gives better customer service and experiences for ex; by providing Next Best Action based on customer usage patterns

For IQLECT Teclo is one big focus area and we wish to approach this from various sides. SI model, partnering with providers, direct solution selling all are important for us.

What kind of market innovations are you bringing to various market segments that you are addressing today?

Traditionally people used to collect data (CDR), store somewhere and then analyze them. This used to give insights on what has already happened and learning opportunity for future. As clear from the approach this did not allows providers to react to customer need in real time hence missing on huge opportunity to serve customers when their need was highest. Similarly call frauds could be captured only after the frauds have happened hence after the loss of money, bandwidth etc.

IQLECT provides ways and means to do all these things in real time when the event is still happening. For ex; catching fraud when it’s still in progress, therefore giving the opportunity to providers to take actions and plug the leakages. Another ex; could be suggesting next best action to the user based on their usage patterns, for ex; high data usage during a period etc

IQLECT provides fully backed up platform and solutions such that time to market for providers could be really very less compared to traditional options where it could take many months. IQLECT has built converged software platform which is very cost effective therefore makes the proposition extremely cost effective.

Finally IQLECT platform is extensible and designed for humans which allows users to customize, extend and add more analytic without doing any coding or development

How do you compete with global biggies such as Ericsson or Comptel who are also having structured products around analytics for the telecom segment?

IQLECT has designed the entire stack for Real Time use cases whereas bigger players focus is everywhere.

IQLECT converged all necessary software and hardware in a single box which allows it to scale linearly. This gives us the ability to host services on cloud for small and medium size players where they can start immediately, start small and pay as they grow. The entire cloud promise rom IQLECT in a sense democratizes the space which is typically quite difficult today with big players where they tend to suit enterprise only customers

With public API as PaaS, IQLECT tends to create ecosystem around the vertical and area allowing developers and users to write more and more apps or solutions for different use cases and needs. The community gives us the sustainable and scalable ecosystem.

With SaaS, PaaS and on-premise Box with pre baked solutions, IQLECT cuts down time to market, makes the proposition cost effective and serves from small to medium to bigger enterprise customers with equal efforts.

Enterprise community is also looking at such analytics solutions today…What kind of strategy do you have for targeting enterprise and what are the advantages that your solutions bring for this community?

To serve enterprises, IQLECT has partnered with Dell to create customized software and hardware box which could be deployed on-premise or on any cloud.

Typically enterprise likes to deploy the service in their own private cloud or data centers, therefore converged box gives them the easy option to just take the fully baked up all-in-a-box solution and go to market immediately.

Please share your roadmap to generate greater growth? Where is this growth likely to come from?

Although our sharp focus is on real time analytics but our approach is multi-pronged. Following are the channels where the growth will come from;

a.i.    Cloud – SaaS; Target: small and medium customers, Geoloc – Global

a.ii.   PaaS – Target: Developers and app companies, Geoloc – Global

a.iii. Enterprise – Target: Telcos, Service providers, Partners, Geoloc – India as of now. US from 2017 Q1

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