Thursday, April 15, 2021
IoT Innovations: Telia and FM Mattsson look into the internet of taps

IoT Innovations: Telia and FM Mattsson look into the internet of taps

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Telia and tap manufacturer FM Mattsson have run a joint innovation project to test connected water taps for public buildings such as hospitals and indoor swimming pools. Taps with sensors optimize water and electricity consumption and contributes to smart building maintenance.

Market-leading tap manufacturer FM Mattsson equipped faucets with sensors and connected them to Telia’s platform for Internet of Things, IoT. Data could then be visualized, analyzed in the platform and help staff to respond to issues.

The benefits with smart taps in public lavatories and in commercial buildings, hospitals and indoor swimming pools are many, tests show. In particular, it optimizes water-efficiency and energy consumption, improves maintenance and design and is cost efficient.

“The project has given us new insights about how digitization can contribute to more efficient and smarter maintenance of public installations. We can help save the environment, offer more cost-effective services to our customers and people who use these facilities get a better experience,” says Frank Rälg, Business Development Manager at FM Mattsson Mora Group. We will now look into the next step and see great opportunities in growing the ecosystem we are now building with Telia.”

The initiative is an example of how digitization contributes to smarter and more sustainable societies and will be one of the cases presented at the upcoming Connect2Business event on March 13.

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