Invicta Watches – A great buy or too good to be true?

Invicta Watch

If you’re a watch collector, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Invicta. Many casual watch wearers have likely come across the brand as well. The watchmaker positions itself as a sophisticated, highly designed, and high-quality watch in an abundance of styles. They’ve even secured lucrative design collaborations with the likes of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Shaq. Yet at the same time, Invicta’s quality and reputation is highly debated in the world of watch connoisseurs.

Let’s take a closer look at why the watch community has so often contested whether or not to purchase an Invicta model. 

Background on Invicta

Invicta was founded in Switzerland in 1837 by Raphael Picard, whose mission was to create a genuine Swiss watch at an accessible price. The company prides itself on the fact that “innovative excellence has been at the core of each era and every collection throughout the brand’s history.” This focus on quality certainly rings true to the brand’s name, as “invicta” directly translates to “invincible” in Latin.

However, the company faced hard times in the 1970s due to what became known as The Quartz Era. They lost the bulk of their sales to quartz watches being sold at far lower prices. The company persevered and made a splashy comeback. Today Invicta has marketed themselves as ultra-stylish while remaining ultra-affordable. Some often say their designs look like Rolexes.

On the flip side, watch collectors are quick to slap Invicta on the wrist (pun intended) for inconsistencies in their quality, marketing tactics, customer service, and warranties. 

How are Invicta watches made?

The majority of Invicta’s watches are made in China, although the company does state that they source their materials from around the world. China is infamously associated with questionable quality when it comes to watch assembly. That being said, some other Invicta models carry the prestigious Swiss-made etching. Some of their watch movements are also high quality, coming from Switzerland and Japan.

Invicta is also on par with higher end makers when it comes to their materials. They use stainless steel cases and quality watch straps.

Upon a closer examination of customer reviews, negative comments are due to manufacturing issues or sketchy customer service experiences.

What explains Invicta watch prices?

 With good branding and seemingly good quality materials, consumers often raise their eyebrow at how Invicta can achieve such low prices in comparison with luxury watchmakers. For more information about how come Invicta watches are always discounted see a review on

Mass production in low-cost regions. Plain and simple. Even Invicta’s higher end Swiss watches have squeezed out a low-cost model, incorporating cheaper watch movements such as Ronda and Sellita quartz mechanisms.

The incredible volume of Invicta’s annual production not only lowers their price, but also lowers perceived value for any collectors. With so many new models, a singular brand aesthetic is lost, and many designs are just references of other well-known makers.

Which Invicta watch models get the best reviews?

Despite the questionable quality and production practices at Invicta, there are some notable models that get good reviews. These are worth considering if you’re looking for a watch for under $100, with the look and feel of one that would cost you much more.

Invicta 8926

For less than $80, this watch includes an authentic Japanese automatic movement, stainless steel shell, 200m of water resistance, and a fashionable look that can work for both sporty or dressy occasions.

Invicta 8928OB

This model is particularly popular. It features an eye-catching deep blue face against a gold-plated stainless-steel bracelet. It comes with desirable details like illuminated hands and markers, and is automatic, meaning it will charge up from the motion of your wrist.

Invicta Angel Collection

Invicta has long been known to cater their watches only to men. That’s changed since the release of their Angel Collection models. These are elegant, quartz watches finished with feminine details like mother of pearl faces inset with white diamonds or cubic zirconia. They are available in a variety of colors like pearl, gold, silver, black, green, blue and pink.


Invicta’s designs may mimic high end brands, but their materials and craftsmanship do not match that of a luxury watchmaker. For a true collector, Invicta will not hold its value. For the more experimental watch wearer looking to explore a ton of new styles, Invicta can be a great choice.

Our recommendation is to make sure you do due diligence and get reviews on the specific model you’re interested in before you buy.