Intellectual Property: Why Patent is Important for Fostering Innovation?


On the third day of the Open Innovations Forum, a conference on intellectual property was held in the Koltsovo Hall. It was attended by the Chairman of the Board of the Skolkovo Foundation, Igor Drozdov, the Head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Grigory Ivliev, and the Vice President of Bayer, John Butler.

At the conference, experts discussed how to effectively manage intellectual property and why to patent developments and inventions.

During the discussion, the Chairman of the Board of the Skolkovo Foundation, Igor Drozdov, stressed that having a patent is especially important for small business entrepreneurs and developers in the field of innovation.

Grigory Ivliev noted: “For the patent office there is no question whether to patent or not. Technological issues are fundamental for us. We can disassemble any invention and recognize it patentable or not. Do not forget that the expert looks at all the scientific and technical literature of the world when conducting an examination. The future belongs to protected intellectual property, which is protected by a patent . ”

According to Daren Tan, CEO of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, at the level of government, it is necessary to understand that intellectual property protection must be balanced.

“In both Russia and Singapore, many business owners do not include patenting in their business development strategy. Intellectual property is a mechanism that protects property. Protection is needed, and after that – access to the market, ”said the expert.