How Innovative Service can Create Winners in Telecom


Innovation in service offering and better understanding of customers needs can script ‘Beyond Triple Play’ story for the operator community

With service providers and telcos looking for new better revenue generation sources, than ever before, today’s dumb pipes can deliver exactly what the customer demands and hence create big differentiation for the telecom operators.

As traditional broadband services have become commoditized, resulting in a reduction in revenues for Telcos and Service Providers, new age innovation on selective services such as cloud related service offerings, high definition voice quality for the enterprise or services on home security and control for the end customer that can provide the innovative edge an operator need to win the competition and also give them a chance to offer much more than triple play capabilities.

As today’s Telcos and service providers are looking towards replacing lost revenues, in this scenario, industry experts have called on providers to innovate and experiment with “compelling new service offerings” that can create big differentiation in the eyes of the customer and go beyond “dumb pipes”, triggering new revenue generation for the operators and improving the quality of existing services to enhance customer engagement with different customer sets such as the enterprise or the SMB community.

And in order to attract new subscriber base, operators must create clear differentiation in the type and quality of user experience. And to support this, features such as cloud computing related offerings or high definition voice quality, converged mobile and fixed services, intuitive troubleshooting, self‐maintenance and enhanced level of customer support can become key differentiating point for the operators and create better value proposition in front of their customers.

New age services such as home surveillance, security and control are also set to attract the more eyeballs of providers today. This level of service offerings will be become more relevant as we move towards 4G era of next generation communications infrastructure.

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