Innovations in Networking: Maipu Aims for the Enterprise Market in Vietnam


By Zia Askari | in Ho Chi Minh City

After entrenching itself in the telecom market of Vietnam, today Maipu is accelerating its efforts to target the enterprise market. The company is showcasing its latest innovations in networking space at the ongoing ICT COMM 2017 happening in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Explaining the company’s strategy, Jack Wang Jun, Vice President, Maipu Communication Technology said, “We have sold tens of thousands of switches to Viettel here in Vietnam during the last three to four years. So we are quite well established in the telecoms space. Now we are looking for bigger opportunities in the enterprise space.” He explained.

The company is also having its unique positioning and brand image in the telecoms space. “As we sold big volumes of switches to Viettel – we already have a brand name in the telecom sector and also with partners who are operating in the telecom space. We are planning to go with partners and address networking needs of sectors such as banking, education, manufacturing or hospitality segment. We are very strong in data communication products – we can deliver total solution in the enterprise space,” he added.

Founded in 1993, Maipu Communication Technology Co., Ltd., has been focusing on data communication equipment development and helping telecom and enterprise-class customers build up cost-effective network. With the vision of “Make IT Intelligent” and rich experience in providing ICT service for various customers, Maipu has become the leading networking solution supplier in China.

Maipu products and solutions have also been deployed in more than 40 countries, such as Switzerland, Poland, Czech, Austria, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Niger and Indonesia.

Zia Askari
Zia Askari works as the Editor for and carries over 18 years of experience in technology writing, branding, communications and digital marketing. Over these years, Zia has worked with Cyber Media and Grey Head on the content side and RAD Data Communications, Huawei Telecommunications and Shyam Networks on the branding and marketing side.